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Are More Riley Keough In See-Through Top Pics On The Way?

Not knowing much about fashion I can't tell you if bold patterns or simple designs are in or not. I only know what I like and I likeRiley Keough in a see-through top. If you ask me, the see-through top will never, ever go out of style.

Of course the crazy thing about this particular top is if Riley Keough has her arms down, odds are wewouldn't be seeing her fantastic boobs. That's probably the whole purpose of those thick, black stripes on the shirt. That if you wanted to go bra-less you could do it without worry of your boobs being seen. Then again, if you are going braless in a see-through shirt, wouldn't you want people to notice your boobs? After all, Riley Keough has some great breasts and it's no wonder she would want to show them off. Plus, when it comes to accessorizing your ensemble nothing goes better with a see-through top than boobs. That's probably the only other thing I know about fashion. See-through tops will always be in style and boobs go great with any outfit.

This single Instagram post has me wondering if maybe this is from a larger spread. Perhaps in the very near future we will have a few more Riley Keough in see-through top pics. Heck, maybe it's a whole spread of Riley Keough in see-through tops, see-through dresses, and all other kinds of see-through stuff. That would be awesome.