Remembering Mena Suvari in the Roses & More Sexy Cam Girls

Ever since it was announced that Mena Suvari is pregnant, I couldn’t help but go back to her days when she was naked in the roses in American Beauty. She shined on the ceiling in a bed of petals as Kevin Spacey envisioned her like the goddess she is.

Her scenes in the film took such a gradual turn. She starts off as the best friend who is obviously very different from Thora Birch. Thora was so pissy and angsty while Mena was so lively with a beautiful smile. Then she gave a sexy dance for Kevin and came so close to flashing her tits. The roses bloomed out of her and it was breathtaking.

Remembering Mena Suvari in the Roses & More Sexy Cam Girls

Then more fantasy scenes happened when she was naked in the petals whether it was on the ceiling or in the bathtub. But it was finally in the last 15 minutes of the movie when she bared her tits. It took long enough and it was so worth it.

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