I promise next time I do a post on Reese Witherspoon I'll have this title flushed out. Peen-Nut Butter? Reese's Creases? Anyway, ayoga pants-clad Reese Witherspoon was recently caughtkeeping her banging bod in shape during a jog in Los Angeles. There's TOEmuch to love about yoga pants whenthey're carving out a spot in actresses like, oh, let's say my future wife Chloë Grace Moretz, but even when keeping the fabric at bay Reese Witherspoon still gives us so much to celebrate!

The ageless 40-year-old recently reminded the worldof how sexy she is with a bikini photo on Instagram(celebrating the 15th anniversary of Legally Blonde), andthankfully with today's pics we know it's also fun to watch Reese when she's putting in the work for those curves. The sleeveless shirt shows off Witherspoon's toned arms, andisjust tight enough so that we can be reminded of how perfect her rack is. With Reese'sboob-baring performance in Wildtwo years behind us, I think it's about time we get some more more of Reese's Pieces soon! (Eh?)

Images Via: Splash Media