Dry, saucy, and blonde beauty Rebel Wilson has made a lot of transformations in the past few years. The hilarious Australian comedian has recently shown off a much slimmer figure and just yesterday she also revealed a new transformation: she's gay! She debuted her girlfriend and explained that all of this time she thought she was looking for Prince Charming, but it's really Princess Charming. Awwww, how cute!

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Rebel's girlfriend is named Ramona Agruma the gorgeous blonde pair look HOT together. Her girlfriend looks fiercely beautiful. She is a beauty influencer and the founder of a fashion company in Los Angeles. So these two are glamorous Hollywood hotties! I love it! While I can't expect Ramona to go nude, I do hope that all of this newfound confidence and love will inspire Rebel to do a little more skintastic work in the near future.

Rebel Wilson Reveals Her Sexy GirlfriendRebel Wilson Reveals Her Sexy Girlfriend

Rebel has had an amazing career. She has made us all die laughing in Bridesmaids, Pitch Perfect, and Pain Gain. She is hilarious, hot, and always stunning. I love Rebel at any size because she is startlingly gorgeous. Her smile? Her humor? Her cleavage? What's not to love about this Down Under dame who knows how to work it on the big screen.

Rebel Wilson Reveals Her Sexy Girlfriend

It's also very cool that Rebel is making this announcement in June because it is Pride Month. Rebel is now joining the rainbow brigade and coming out as a lady lovin' comedy queen. Hey, I can't blame her. Her girlfriend is hot! No wonder Rebel ditched men for Ramona. Rebel is clearly feeling confident these days as she posts pictures on Instagram of herself in sexy crop tops, so it seems as if like attracted like. Good for them!

Check out this scene from The Brothers Grimsby where Rebel ditches her clothes to run with a crowd of soccer hooligans. It appears to be a body double after a certain point, but you definitely get to see her run in her bra before the bra and panties come off to show a double's juicy ass: