Mr. Skin's Top 100 Real Celebrity Sex Scenes

One of the most popular categories here at Mr. Skin is the Real Sex category and we’re treating our subscribers to an exclusive promotion counting down the Top 100 Real Sex Scenes on MrSkin.com! These aren’t scenes that are “rumored” to be real or look like they might be real, these 100 scenes all feature actual sex happening on camera. We’ve got it all on this list: Group sex, self love, blowjobs, handjobs, missionary sex, sex in public… the list goes on and on, and every last scene is the real deal! Accompanying each scene are three trivia facts about the scene, the actors, or the historical context surrounding the scene, because everyone loves a side of context with their un-simulated sex! When it comes it nude celebs, it’s got to be real!

Skin's Take

- Only one take was done of the scene, using remote cameras and no one on the set except for Sevigny and Vincent Gallo

- Rumors abound that Gallo wrote the scene as revenge against longtime rival Harmony Korine, who at the time was dating Sevigny

- Roger Ebert dubbed the film "the worst in the history of Cannes" after its disastrous 2003 premiere at the festival

Skin's Take

- Sook-Yin Lee plays a therapist who has never had an orgasm in this sexually explicit film from the creator of “Hedwig and the Angry Inch”

- Writer/director John Cameron Mitchell and his cast spent two and a half years creating the film’s script via a series of improvisational workshops, basing nearly everything in the film on real incidents

- Mitchell himself directed nearly all of the film’s explicit sex scenes nude, as did his various camera operators, in order to make the cast feel more at ease

Skin's Take

- Writer/director Lars von Trier used a combination of digital trickery, body doubles, and prosthetics to make it seem as if all of the actors in the film were having real penetrative sex

- In an interview at the time of the film’s release, Stacy Martin stated that shooting the sex scenes was a bit boring due to their technical nature

- Egg whites were used to create the fake ejaculate used in the film’s many sex scenes

Skin's Take

- The title “Diet of Sex” is a cheeky double entendre as the film’s female lead, played by Raquel Martínez, has never had an orgasm and is turned onto a food fetish by her new lover that unlocks her inner sexual desires

- The scene has remained in the Top 10 most viewed scenes on MrSkin.com since it was added to the site in 2014

- As of 2021, this remains the only on screen appearance of actress Raquel Martínez

Skin's Take

- Although she announced her retirement from hardcore in 2007, Belladonna made her comeback by appearing in this all-star production the following year

- Sasha Grey’s first stage name was Anna Karina, in honor of the French New Wave actress, but changed to Sasha Grey almost immediately

- Grey appeared in over 250 pornographic productions before leaving for mainstream work in films like “The Girlfriend Experience,” “I Melt With You,” and “Open Windows”

Skin's Take

- Director Gaspar Noé first pitched the film to Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel while making “Irreversible” with them

- Noé claims that the script for the film was only 7 pages long

- Noé also took a hands off approach to directing the sex scenes, letting the actors improvise and figure out their own blocking

Skin's Take

- Leading lady Margo Stilley had initially requested to go uncredited in the final film

- Stilley and co-star Kieran O’Brien met for the first time only two days before having to have unsimulated sex for the film

- In Mexico, the film’s title translated to “9 Orgasms”

Skin's Take

- Despite being an Italian film made in Italy by an Italian director (Tinto Brass), the film was never theatrically released in Italy

- Leading lady Anna Jimskaia was a gymnast and acrobat who spent two years with the National Uzbekistan Circus

- As of 2021, this remains prolific director Tinto Brass’ final feature length film as a director

Skin's Take

- The film launched the career of model and actress Linda Lovelace, who later in her life became an anti-pornography advocate and activist

- Estimates put the film’s worldwide box office gross anywhere between $100 million and $600 million, making “Deep Throat” easily the highest grossing pornographic film ever made

- In December 2014, Dolly Sharp was identified by The Rialto Report as the pseudonym of former Broadway star Helen Wood, who had passed away in 1998.

Skin's Take

- Maitland Ward is best known to a generation of 90s kids as Rachel McGuire from the hit series “Boy Meets World”

- Ward transitioned from acting to becoming a professional cosplayer in the late 2000s before making her way into the world of adult films in 2019, having since become one of the most popular and highest paid performers in the industry

- Maitland is actually Ward’s middle name, using instead of her own first name Ashley to help her stand out more in the acting world. Unlike most adult performers, she didn’t change her name when she transitioned to pornography

Skin's Take

- The shortest film on our list, “Hotel Desire” runs only 38 minutes

- Although she continues to act, Saralisa Volm has moved into writing, producing, and directing in the years since appearing in this film

- The male actor in this scene, Clemens Schick, is openly gay

Skin's Take

- Actress Bambi Woods disappeared from public life shortly after making this film, leading to rumors that she died of a drug overdose in the 80s. In 2007, a woman claiming to be Woods came forward to say that she had left public life and was living happily out of the spotlight, but doubts remain that it was the real Woods

- The film was famously released with no copyright notice, putting it in the public domain, leading to over a dozen unofficial sequels and spin-offs

- This film is the only one on our list which has been turned into a musical, with “Debbie Does Dallas: The Musical” debuting Off-Broadway in 2002

Skin's Take

- Like Hitchcock, Tinto Brass wanted his silhouette to become famous and often put it on his film posters (as he did with this film) only unlike Hitchcock’s silhouette, Brass’ sports an enormous cigar

- Raffaella Offidani is perhaps best known to American audiences for her role as a doomed lady of the evening in director Stuart Gordon’s gothic horror flick “Castle Freak”

- In one of the film’s scenes set at a movie theater, the movie being shown is a different Tinto Brass film, 1983’s “The Key”

Skin's Take

- Despite the fact that it’s not terribly plot heavy as a film, “Wij” is actually based on a full length novel by Dutch author Elvis Peeters

- The 22 year old Salomé van Grunsven made her feature film debut in this flick

- The film marked the feature directorial debut of Rene Eller, who mostly directed music videos including Del Amitri’s “Roll to Me” where the band appear as babies in strollers

Skin's Take

- This was the first film in the history of Great Britain to feature hardcore sex scenes and be passed by the BBFC without cuts

- Kerry Fox’s real life partner Alexander Linklater wrote a column for The Guardian in 2001 in which he detailed his own experience watching his lover have actual sex with another man in a film

- As of 2021, Mark Rylance is the only actor to win an Oscar and be featured having unsimulated sex in a major motion picture, though obviously not in the same film

Skin's Take

- Kelli McCarty is best known for being crowned Miss USA in 1991 and placing sixth in that year’s Miss Universe pageant

- After leaving the world of pageants behind, Kelli moved to Disney shows, soap operas, and eventually softcore nudie flicks in the 2000s, before making her hardcore debut in 2009

- Though pitched as a leaked sex tape, this is actually a fully sanctioned pornographic production, with Kelli’s on screen husband played by porn star Steven St. Croix

Skin's Take

- Lina Romay is best known for her work with Spanish exploitation maestro Jess Franco, to whom she was married for the last five years of her life

- The film was shot in Switzerland and West Germany by Erwin C. Dietrich, who worked as a producer on a number of Franco’s films before moving into the world of hardcore, often directing under the pseudonym Michael Thomas

- Though she has over 120 acting credits to her name, this is the only film in which Lina Romay has hardcore sex

Skin's Take

- Vanessa Del Rio is generally accepted as being the first non-white performer to achieve stardom in the adult industry

- In her 2007 biography “Vanessa del Rio: Fifty Years of Slightly Slutty Behavior,” Del Rio revealed that she worked as a streetwalker and call girl prior to breaking out in the world of pornography

- Vivian Lamolli played Vanessa in the still unreleased biopic “The Latin from Manhattan,” co-starring Drea de Matteo, Taryn Manning, and Rainey Qualley

Skin's Take

- In 2005, Shyla Stylez was involved in a sex scandal involving a sexual relationship she had with Orange County assistant sheriff George Jaramillo

- Shortly after making this flick, Stoya began a relationship with Marilyn Manson, though they split up after less than a year together

- Brea Lynn was a nursing student and part-time stripper in Arizona when she was discovered by an agent and signed with Vivid in 2006

#20: Aomi Muyock in Love

Skin's Take

- Six years before making “Love,” Swiss born Aomi Muyock was involved in an accident that caused her to lose several of her front teeth

- The name of Aomi’s character Electra is derived from Carl Jung’s Electra Complex which afflicts women with a psychosexual desire to possess their fathers

- This scene, like all of the sex scenes in the film, was shot during the first week of production

Skin's Take

- In addition to Uschi Digard, other famous adult faces in this anthology film include John Holmes, Candy Samples, and Rene Bond

- Like a number of films on our list, this one was refused a BBFC certification in the UK and nearly all of the hardcore footage had to be removed in order to attain one

- The Australian film’s director, Richard Franklin, would go on to direct such Ozploitation classics as “Patrick” and “Road Games,” the latter of which stars Jamie Lee Curtis

Skin's Take

- Brazilian bombshell Paola Rey claims to have traced her ancestry back to the original Amazonian tribes that populated the country

- Don’t confuse Paola for the mainstream Colombian actress with whom she shares a name, they are two different people

- Paola has also moved into the world of directing, training her camera on such big industry names as Dana Vespoli and Eva Angelina

Skin's Take

- Before moving into the world of acting, Italian beauty Sara Cosmi worked as a sports journalist and television presenter in Italy

- Sara’s first film, “P.O. Box Tinto Brass,” and this, her last film, were both directed by Italian eroticist Tinto Brass

- Two years after making this film, Sara became a born again Christian and left the entertainment world behind, getting a Masters degree in Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Skin's Take

- In addition to her prolific work in the hardcore world, Sharon Kelly also appeared in such mainstream flicks as “Foxy Brown,” “Ilsa: She-Wolf of the SS,” and the Oscar-winning Hal Ashby film “Shampoo”

- Sharon’s real name is Colleen Brennan, though she’s not related to Eileen Brennan, with whom she appeared in the 1975 Burt Reynolds flick “Hustle”

- ”Sassy Sue” was part of an early 70s boom of rural porn, mostly set on farms, which was later parodied in the 2011 flick “Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star”

Skin's Take

- ”13 Erotic Ghosts” was released in early 2002 in an Asylum style bid to confuse audiences who were looking to purchase the mainstream horror film “Thirteen Ghosts”

- Most of Julie Strain’s work in the industry was in the realm of softcore and this is one of the only times she bounced over into the world of hardcore

- The original DVD release of this Fred Olen Rey directed flick came with 3D glasses to view the movie in anaglyph 3D (the old red and blue kind)

Skin's Take

- Based on the true story of Sada Abe who asphyxiated her lover, cut off his genitals, and left them inside of her until she was arrested several days later

- Due to the film’s sexually explicit and overtly political content, the film has never been officially released in director Nagisa Oshima’s home country of Japan

- Oshima was able to skirt censorship laws in Japan by editing and processing the film in France, away from the reach of Japanese censors

Skin's Take

- Aria Giovanni was crowned Penthouse’s Pet of the Month in September 2000, which led to her kicking off her career in the adult industry with this film the following year

- Interestingly, director Andrew Blake also began his filmmaking career with Penthouse before moving into the realm of hardcore directing

- ”Aria” could be considered ahead of its time, bringing S&M into the mainstream a full decade and a half before “Fifty Shades of Grey”

Skin's Take

- Australian television director Colin Eggleston made his feature film debut with this sequel and would go on to direct the Ozploitation classic “Long Weekend” two years later

- Although this is an Australian film and the interstitials were shot down under, all of the hardcore sex scenes were shot in America using American porn stars

- Though not necessarily a fact, “Fantasm Comes Again” might just have the best title of any adult film sequel in history

Skin's Take

- This Tinto Brass directed erotic comedy is loosely based on the 18th century play “The Innkeeper” by Carlo Gondoli

- The same year she appeared in “Miranda” star Serena Grandi also co-starred alongside Lou Ferrigno in “The Adventures of Hercules”

- Ms. Grandi continues to be an icon in Italy, appearing on “Grande Fratello VIP,” the Italian equivalent of “Celebrity Big Brother,” in 2017

Skin's Take

- Italian eroticist Tinto Brass based this 1992 flick on Mozart’s legendary opera “Così Fan Tutti”

- Leading lady Claudia Koll became an outspoken activist against the Catholic Church following her appearance in this film, only to recommit herself to the Roman Catholic faith in 2006

- Tinto Brass has always had a reputation for being an ass man and this scene is often pointed to as one of the most blatant examples of this fetish by how lovingly he shoots Koll’s keister

Skin's Take

- The title “Spetters” has a double meaning. In Dutch, it is used to describe a good looking guy, while it also means “splashes” as in the splashes of mud often seen on dirt bikers, who are the main characters of the film

- This was Dutch director Paul Verhoeven’s fifth feature film and his fifth collaboration with actor Rutger Hauer, with whom he would make three more films

- The script for the film was heavily rewritten after being rejected by the Dutch censorship board, but Verhoeven openly admitted to using this screenplay and not the revised one when he shot the film

Skin's Take

- Misty Mundae was included on Sci-Fi Weekly’s 2007 list of living horror icons alongside Elvira, Jamie Lee Curtis, Robert Englund, and Linda Blair

- Although she’s mostly known for her on-screen work, Misty has written, directed, produced, edited, and even worked as an art director on several films

- All of the film’s outer space CGI sequences are from the same stock used on syndicated TV shows like “Babylon 5”

Skin's Take

- This golden age porn cribbed its title from director Sam Wood’s 1941 comedy film “The Devil and Miss Jones”

- The film was written, produced, and directed by “Deep Throat” director Gerard Damiano, who claimed that the film’s plot was derived Jean-Paul Sartre’s existentialist play “No Exit”

- Georgina Spelvin appeared in over 70 adult films before retiring from the hardcore side of the business in 1982, and went on to appear in such mainstream movies as “Police Academy” and “Police Academy 3: Back in Training”

Skin's Take

- Maria Ford was named one of director Quentin Tarantino’s favorite B-movie babes

- Maria also has a black belt in karate

- Director John Quinn got his start producing and directing several of the DTV family movies in the “Goldy: The Golden Bear” series

Skin's Take

- Tylene Buck’s first professional modeling job was as a cover girl for such gentlemen’s magazines as Truckin’ and Mini Truckin’

- Tylene got her start in the entertainment industry as a ringside girl for Hulk Hogan in 2000 when he turned heel in the WCW, before becoming a wrestler herself under the name Major Gunns

- The film’s director, H.R. Blueberry, is a pseudonym for “Chopping Mall” director Jim Wynorski

Skin's Take

- ”Wij” was the recipient of the prestigious Breast Picture award at Mr. Skin’s 22nd Annual Anatomy Awards in 2021

- Like most of the actors in this film, this marked 24 year old Pauline Casteleyn’s feature film debut

- Like a good number of films bearing this tagline, it’s doubtful that this film is actually “based on a true story”

Skin's Take

- Those close-up shots are, sadly, the work of a body double

- Like most giallo films, this one had several different titles under which it was released, including “Asylum Erotica,” “Cold Blooded Beast,” and in France it was known as “Doctor Hitchcock’s Dissatisfied Erotic Dolls”

- If you recognize the hospital in this flick, it’s because it was used in several other giallo films of the time including “The Murder Clinic”

Skin's Take

- India Hair was born in France to an American mother and an English father

- The film debuted at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival where it competed for the Palme d’Or against such films as Nicolas Winding Refn’s “The Neon Demon,” Maren Ade’s “Toni Erdmann,” Park Chan-wook’s “The Handmaiden,” and Paul Verhoeven’s “Elle”

- Director Alain Guiraudie’s previous film was 2013’s “Stranger By the Lake” which features several hardcore gay sex scenes

Skin's Take

- This anthology art film features segments directed by such artists and filmmakers as Marina Abramovic, Matthew Barney, Gaspar Noé, Sam Taylor-Johnson, and Larry Clark, who directed this segment

- The segment of the film is the longest by far, running 38 minutes, while every other segment runs no longer than 20 minutes

- Although Nancy Vee worked mostly in the hardcore world, she has appeared in other mainstream films like “8MM,” “Ride with the Devil,” and the television series “Passion Cove”

Skin's Take

- Debuting the year after “The L Word” wrapped its run on Showtime, this documentary series from that show’s creator Ilene Chaiken aimed to give audiences even more honest and realistic depictions of lesbian relationships

- Similar to Tony Comstock’s documentary series, the show intercuts the couple participating in talking head interviews with footage of them in the bedroom

- Romi was in the first season of the show in a relationship with a different woman and then returned for season two with Kelsey, though they split shortly before the show’s third season

Skin's Take

- The plot of the film involves a woman leaving her family behind in search of sexual freedom and witnessing this performance gives her the courage she needs to get experimental in her sex life

- Actress Andrea Szabová’s only other acting credit came eight years prior in the Slovakian film “Tango s Komármi”

- The film competed as part of the New Directors Competition at the 2017 São Paulo International Film Festival despite the fact that this was director Jan Speckenbach’s second feature film

Skin's Take

- This was the second of only three credited appearances in a film by Leeloo

- Leeloo took her stage name from the character played by Milla Jovovich in 1997’s sci-fi hit “The Fifth Element”

- ”Sex Stories” is the seventh film directed by Ovidie, who has since racked up well over a dozen and a half additional credits, her most recent coming in 2021

Skin's Take

- Shay Jordan racked up nearly four dozen credits between 2006 and 2010 before leaving the industry altogether after appearing in “Jack’s Asian Adventure 4”

- Shay began her career in the adult industry while attending San Diego Culinary Art School

- In 2008, the same year this film premiered, Shay also appeared on an episode of the hit HBO series “Entourage,” flashing the main characters from a convertible

Skin's Take

- The fourth of five films in a series of Danish hardcore comedies and the first to be a spy movie spoof centered around Agent 69

- German babe Gina Janssen began her career in the adult world by doing nude modeling in her native Germany before moving to Scandinavia to start her acting career

- Despite being a Danish film, the uncut version of this film was not seen in neighboring Norway until 2005

Skin's Take

- This scene was shot in lead actress Gry Bay’s actual apartment

- This film was shot using the tenets of the Dogme95 film movement that valued realism and low production values above all other elements

- Gry Bay was voted one of the 100 Sexiest Girls in the World by the Danish edition of FHM Magazine in 2004

Skin's Take

- One of the only period pieces on our list, this 1975 Danish and Swedish co-production is set in the cutthroat radio industry in 1930

- Anne Bie Warburg appeared in several other films in this series including “In the Sign of the Taurus," “In the Sign of the Lion," and “In the Sign of the Scorpio"

- Despite her appearances in those four films, Ms. Bie Warburg’s actual astrological sign is Pisces

Skin's Take

- The film’s original theatrical poster and the DVD cover in many foreign markets is a still taken from this scene of James Bullard’s face between Maeve Quinlan’s legs

- Maeve Quinlan was married to Hollywood bad boy Tom Sizemore from 1996-1999

- This was the second and final collaboration between director Larry Clark and writer Harmony Korine, the latter of whom was allegedly furious with the former when he changed the ending of his script

Skin's Take

- This film was initially released both in hardcore theaters as well as in mainstream theaters, though there were two different cuts of the film produced, one XXX and the other R-rated

- Several of the orgasm sounds you hear in this film were sampled by the band White Zombie in their 1995 song “More Human Than Human”

- Director Stephen Sayadian rose to prominence working for Hustler magazine and went on to direct the wildly experimental 1989 film “Dr. Caligari”

Skin's Take

- Like “Pulsion” and “Infidelity: Sex Stories 2,” this flick was directed by Ovidie, who appears on this list at number 96 in “The Pornographers”

- Performer Nomi took her stage name not from the lead character of “Showgirls” but from German vocalist and performance artist Klaus Nomi

- Between her first screen appearance in 1997 and her final appearance in 2016, Nomi appeared in over 115 films

Skin's Take

- Just prior to appearing in this film, leading lady Marilyn Chambers appeared in a nationwide commercial campaign for Ivory soap, a fact exploited by the film’s marketing which led to a scandal for Ivory parent company Procter and Gamble

- The film took its title from the hit 1956 song “Green Door” which saw a resurgence in popularity after being featured in Quentin Tarantino’s 2019 flick “Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood”

- The films directors, brothers Artie and Jim Mitchell, would eventually have a falling out that culminated in Jim murdering Artie in 1991, immortalized in the 2000 film “Rated X” starring Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevez

Skin's Take

- This 2001 German film is a throwback to the German “Schoolgirl Report” films that were hugely popular in the 1970s

- Actress Marianna Bertucci’s only other screen credit came in another film on our list, 2003’s “Rossa Venezia”

- The full title of this flick is “Schulmädchen-Report 2000: Feuchte Mösen nach Schulschluß” which translates to “Schoolgirl Report 2000: Wet Cunts After School Ends”

Skin's Take

- This Australian film takes a page out of Michael Winterbottom’s “9 Songs” by featuring scenes of real live music interspersed with scenes of unsimulated sex

- Like a great many actresses on our list, this marks the one and only screen credit for Brianna Heart

- The film features nearly a dozen original songs written specifically for Gutter Filth, the fictional band in the film, by real life band Moscow Schoolboy

Skin's Take

- The $8 million production is considered to be the most expensive pornographic film ever produced

- In 2009, an R-rated version of the film was released on DVD, excising 48 minutes of hardcore footage and helping it to gain traction within the mainstream world

- On April 6, 2009, the film was screened by the student union at the University of Maryland, College Park, as a First Amendment response to a threat by a state senator to strip public funding from any school that screened pornography

Skin's Take

- This German hardcore horror flick features a serial killer on the loose having sex with women before carving them up in graphic fashion

- Although this is a German production, it was filmed in Italy and stars Spanish exploitation icons Jesús Franco and Lina Romay

- Yunisa Frometa had only appeared in two other films prior to this, which proved to be her final on screen appearance. Talk about going out with a bang

Skin's Take

- Since adding this scene to our site nearly a decade ago, Lisa Luscious has never dropped out of the Top 10 on our list of Trending Celebrities

- This is Lisa Luscious’ only film credit and, as it is likely a pseudonym, it is virtually impossible to track down any additional information about her

- This scene occurs during the film’s opening credits and what follows is a rather intense drama about two estranged brothers, a far cry from this erotic opening scene

Skin's Take

- The film’s title translates to “Fuck Me” and the film’s directors have rejected any other translations of the title that have been assigned it over the years

- One of the first theatrically released films shot entirely on digital video, which lends to the film’s grimy low budget aesthetic

- Actress Karen Lancaume had appeared in over 80 pornographic films in France between 1996 and 2000, with this being her first mainstream work where she used the stage name Karen Bach in a reversal of pseudonym norms

Skin's Take

- While this scene and three others involving actress Anapola Mushkadiz are unsimulated, a sex scene featuring Bertha Ruiz was simulated at the request of her husband

- Like a good number of the people in director Carlos Reygadas’ films, Anapola is not an actress, but rather works in Mexico City as an art designer

- The film made its premiere at the 2005 Cannes Film Festival where it competed for the Palme d’Or against such films as Jim Jarmusch’s “Broken Flowers,” Gus Van Sant’s “Last Days,” and David Cronenberg’s “A History of Violence”

#58: Various in The Misandrists

Skin's Take

- ”The Misandrists” was directed by noted gay pornographic director Bruce LaBruce (”Hustler White,” “The Raspberry Reich”)

- The film’s plot concerns a group of radical feminists who plot to overthrown the patriarchal German government but just end up having an orgy instead

- Oddly enough, this is the first of two clips on our list that includes an egg being placed inside a woman’s vagina

Skin's Take

- This 2004 film was intended as an homage to the 1969 Swedish pornographic film “Language of Love”

- Despite being an homage to that hardcore sexual instructional film, this is the only hardcore scene in the film

- This is actress Malin Westerholm’s one and only film credit

#60: Carla Cat in Pulsion

Skin's Take

- ”Pulsion” is one of only three films on our list directed by someone else on the list, in all three cases Ovidie, who is at the center of clip number 96 from “The Pornographers”

- Carla Cat began her career as a cam girl, which is how she caught the attention of director Ovidie

- Carla appeared in only three films, all of them in the year 2014, before leaving the entertainment industry altogether

Skin's Take

- This is the only Asian film on our list, and by extension, the only Korean film as well

- This film was released as a Pink Film in Japan, despite that label having mostly gone out of fashion by the time this film hit theaters in the early 2000s

- Director Bong Man-Dae eventually made an adult film about himself in 2013 titled “Playboy Bong”

Skin's Take

- Laurence Fishburne’s daughter Montana was only 19 when she made her screen debut with this Vivid sex tape

- Montana continued performing in the adult industry under the name Chippy D for several years after this tape

- Montana has now left the entertainment industry and works as a legal assistant and fitness instructor

Skin's Take

- French director Catherine Breillat’s most meta film, “Sex is Comedy” casts Roxane Mesquida to play a version of herself re-creating her own virginal deflowering scene from Breillat’s 2001 film “Fat Girl”

- Much of the film’s controversy centered around Mesquida’s physical and mental torment, though both the actress and director insist that it was all part of the film and she suffered no actual trauma during filming

- French actress Anne Parillaud (”Innocent Blood”) plays the Breillat surrogate in the film within the film

Skin's Take

- This Austrian film from acclaimed director Götz Spielmann (”Revanche”) was Austria’s submission for the 2004 Best Foreign Language Film Academy Award

- In this scene, Petra plays a woman dissatisfied with her sex life with her husband and shacks up with a co-worker in a hotel

- Petra made her screen debut in the Cannon Films post-apocalyptic classic “America 3000” back in 1986

Skin's Take

- Unlike the vast majority of Vivid’s “Sex Tape” releases, this is a compilation video featuring multiple performers, linked together with the titular Miss USA 1991

- This particular scene with Jennifer Dark and James Deen was shot for a separate Kelli McCarthy project titled “Faithless” before ending up on this compilation instead

- Jennifer was born in Czechoslovakia in 1982 but emigrated to America as a teen and embarked on a career in porn starting at the age of 20

Skin's Take

- ”Naked Came the Stranger” is based on the book of the same name written by a collective of over two dozen writers who were poking fun at literary trends of the late 60s that put increased emphasis on flowery descriptions of sex

- The film was directed, under the pseudonym Henry Paris, by Radley Metzger, famed adult director and frequent staple at Andy Warhol’s Factory

- Actress Darby Lloyd Rains shot a scene in the Best Picture winning film “The French Connection” which was deleted prior to the film’s release

Skin's Take

- The plot of this flick involves Wendy living rent free in Judy’s apartment in exchange for lesbian sex on demand whenever Judy is in the mood

- Judy Minx’s stage name is an homage to Judith Butler, a famous author and queer theorist

- The film’s director Todd Verow made a film in 2019 titled “I Have Mike Pence’s Dick in a Pickle Jar, Want to See It?”

#68: Taija Rae in Driller

Skin's Take

- This cheeky 1984 flick was a parody of the hugely popular Michael Jackson music video “Thriller”

- Taija was one of the porn queens of the 1980s starring in such legendary flicks as “Little Oral Annie,” “Looking for Mr. Goodsex,” and “Asses to Asses, Lust to Lust”

- Taija eventually moved behind the camera in the 1990s, working as a talent coordinator on several hardcore productions

Skin's Take

- Kari plays the titular “Star Virgin” a test tube baby in the far off future who learns about sex from a robot known as Mentor

- Model, adult performer, and Playboy photographer Suze Randall recommended Kari for the lead role in this flick

- A good number of scenes in the film, including this one, were filmed in director Howard Ziehm’s garage

Skin's Take

- Mimi rose to prominence on the reality show “Love and Hip Hop” as the long time partner of Stevie J, though the two split in 2012

- The guy in this sex tape is Mimi’s lover at the time, Nikko Smith, son of MLB Hall of Famer Ozzie Smith

- Two years after the release of this sex tape, Mimi became involved in a relationship with WNBA star Tamera Young, though the two split up in 2020

Skin's Take

- Like a number of porn performers in the 1970s, this is the only credited appearance for Jenny Cole, though Rikki O’Neal racked up a dozen other credits during her short stint in the biz

- Former child star turned scream queen Danielle Harris admitted that “Debbie Does Dallas” was the first dirty movie she ever saw

- ”Debbie Does Dallas” was edited down to only 43 minutes to be exhibited theatrically in Australia in the early 80s

Skin's Take

- Five foot eleven beauty Faith made her porn debut in 2004 at age 19 and racked up almost 200 credits before leaving the industry in 2012

- Faith took the surname of Marcos Leon when the pair married in 2007

- Faith worked as a waitress at a Shoney’s before leaving it behind to become a porn star

Skin's Take

- Erica is best known as The Trash Talking Cheerleader from season five of “Bad Girls Club” aka “Bad Girls Club: Miami”

- Erica and Adrian, the guy in the sex tape, eventually broke up, with Erica telling TMZ in 2012 that she got a tattoo of her ex’s initials modified into a heart tattoo

- In 2011, the year the sex tape was released, Erica hosted the tattoo competition at Exxxotica Miami alongside Michelle "Bombshell" McGee

Skin's Take

- This is one of the rare Canadian pornographic productions to be made in the 1970s

- This is the one and only on screen credit for Debbie Collins, playing the titular Sexcula

- Although the film is set in the 1860s, there is a hilariously anachronistic scene in which the countess takes a phone call

Skin's Take

- This sequel to 2009’s “Sex Stories” was immensely popular for depicting infidelity from the female perspective

- French director David Carroll gave Rebecca her stage name, intending it to be an homage to Traci Lords, though he forgot to include the “s”

- The lithe and lovely Rebecca’s measurements are 34C-23-34

Skin's Take

- Italian sleaze maestro Joe D’Amato cast Lucia Ramirez in both this film and “Porno Holocaust,” filming them back to back in 1979

- Ramirez would appear in only a handful of other films before leaving acting behind in 1982

- The guy in the clip is the film’s writer George Eastman, not to be confused with the founder of Kodak

Skin's Take

- New Jersey native Arlana Blue originally appeared as the title character in this film under the pseudonym Angel Spirit

- It is purported that Arlana received $100 for appearing in this film, which was shot in one day without a finished script

- Despite playing her father in this film, Fred J. Lincoln is only ten years older than Arlana

Skin's Take

- Director Joe Swanberg is known for featuring unsimulated sex in his low budget mumblecore films

- Swanberg co-wrote the film with stars Josephine Decker and Kent Osborne wherein the leading lady begins to develop romantic feelings for the leading man, despite being in a relationship with the director

- Decker has become an accomplished director herself, making the acclaimed 2020 film “Shirley” starring Elisabeth Moss and Odessa Young

#79: Various in High Strung Women

Skin's Take

- As you can tell from all the ropes, the title “High Strung Women” is meant quite literally in this BDSM themed flick from eroticist Andrew Blake

- Blonde babe Cytherea has been a frequent guest on Howard Stern and claimed to have been working at a Wendy’s for two years when she quit to become a porn star

- Melisande takes her name from a 19th-century painting by Austrian artist Marianne Stokes

Skin's Take

- Farrah is best known as one of the titular MILFs on MTV’s “Teen Mom” which she headlined after appearing on the 2009 debut season of “16 and Pregnant”

- Farrah allegedly received a one million dollar payday for this second sex tape

- Adult star James Deen has revealed in several interviews that he and Farrah were never a couple and he was paid for his participation in this endeavor

Skin's Take

- The second Cinemax series on our list, this show was released the same year as “Sin City Diaries” and, as the title might suggest, wasn’t bound to just one location

- Teagan Presley was a cheerleader from Texas when she changed her name and entered the adult world in 2003 in the hilariously named flick “Just Over 18 10”

- Teagan continued performing for over a decade after this series, making her last on screen appearance in 2019’s “Fuck Like It’s the End of the World”

Skin's Take

- The first sequel to the groundbreaking 1974 adult film “Emmanuelle,” this 1975 flick added more sex and condensed plot and story even further to move more toward what would commonly come to be known as the style in pornographic film

- This marked Catherine Rivet’s screen debut and she would only make two more films before leaving the world of acting behind

- ”Emmanuelle” director Just Jaeckin turned down an offer to direct this film, which would become photographer Francis Giacobetti’s only film directing credit

Skin's Take

- "Dirty Pool” was among the first X rated films of note filmed in Hollywood after the creation of the MPAA ratings system in 1968

- The film is credited to writer and director Ed Stevens, which is likely a pseudonym as he has no other filmmaking credits

- That woman who joins in on the toe sucking fun at the end of the scene is notorious top heavy superstar Uschi Digard

Skin's Take

- Loredana Cannata claimed in interviews after making the film that she wasn’t told her sex scenes were going to be unsimulated until the day they were filmed

- This was Cannata’s feature film debut and she has gone to appear in nearly four dozen films, including the Oscar nominated “Youth” in 2015

- Five years earlier, director Aurelio Grimaldi was nominated for the Palme d’Or at Cannes for his film “Le Buttane” or “The Whores”

Skin's Take

- Jacqueline Laurent is probably best known for playing one of the lead roles in Jesus Franco’s 1973 film “Diary of a Nymphomaniac”

- Yup, that guy in this scene is indeed legendary “Deep Throat” star Harry Reems

- Director Mac Ahlberg eventually became a mainstream cinematographer shooting such diverse films as “Re-Animator,” “Beverly Hills Cop III,” “Good Burger,” and 17 episodes of “The Wonder Years”

Skin's Take

- Saigon native Christine Nguyen has nearly 40 nude roles here on Mr. Skin, including the unofficial “Porky’s” sequel “Pimpin’ Pee Wee”

- This is one of two similarly named films Christine appeared in during 2006, along with “Bikini Girls From the Lost Planet,” also directed by Fred Olen Ray

- This scene comes just two minutes into the film, setting the tone for the sexy good time to come

Skin's Take

- Pierre-Sophia Petion is one of several non-actors hired to perform in this film and as of 2021, it remains her only screen credit

- The film was written, cast, rehearsed, and filmed in only two months

- This was the third film from director Sean Weathers who has gone on to direct such films as “The Fappening,” “Scumbag Hustler,” and “Virgin Genocide”

Skin's Take

- This Cinemax series kicked off in style with this explicit scene coming in the very first episode

- The anthology series featured a wraparound story where SI model Amber Smith played the concierge of a Las Vegas casino and presented the audiences with erotic tales set in Sin City

- The five foot seven inch Hannah Harper’s measurements are 34C-24-34

Skin's Take

- Actress Anne Coesens and director Olivier Masset-Depasse are married in real life and she has starred in all four of his feature films

- To contextualize the scene a bit, Coesens’ character has tied her lover to the bed for several days to make him appreciate her more, finally allowing him to have sex with her in this nearly five minute long scene

- Coesens would go on to win the prestigious Magritte Award for Best Actress (basically the Belgian equivalent of the Oscar) four years later for the film “Illegal”

Skin's Take

- This documentary about a real life couple is the penultimate film in a series of similar documentaries from filmmaker Tony Comstock dubbed: “Real People. Real Life. Real Sex.”

- The film combines talking head interviews of the couple with actual footage of them in the bedroom, all shot on film

- Matt and Khym responded to an ad on Craigslist looking for real couples to have real sex on film

Skin's Take

- The scene was cleverly created through clever editing that combined mainstream actress Dree Hemingway and hardcore performer Zoe Voss to create the illusion that it’s only Dree in the scene

- This is the fourth feature film from director Sean Baker, who would go on to make the Oscar nominated 2017 film “The Florida Project”

- Baker’s first choice for the role played by Hemingway was another legacy actress, Dakota Johnson, who would explore similarly kinky territory three years later in “Fifty Shades of Grey”

Skin's Take

- French director Catherine Breillat gained international infamy with this, her sixth feature film, which came 23 years after her first film

- Although Caroline Ducey is a mainstream actress, the guy in this scene is played by real adult performer Rocco Siffredi, who would reteam with Breillat four years later for “Anatomy of Hell”

- Although the film was passed uncut in the UK, France, and elsewhere around the globe, here in the US, the already short 99 minute film was cut down to 84 minutes and slapped with an R rating

Skin's Take

- Plot twist: The male characters in this scene are in a relationship with one another and decide to invite Andrea for a threesome so they can experience having sex with a woman for the first time together

- If the actors movements seem very choreographed and dance-like, it’s because this avant garde film features quite a bit of dance and movement

- Andrea Portal’s previous film, “Everybody’s Got Somebody... Not Me” found her playing a lesbian, while here she’s having sex with two gay men

Skin's Take

- The film’s title translates to “Drive” and deals with not only the sex drive, but the lack of one as well, which befalls the guy in this clip as he can’t keep it up when it’s just him and his woman

- Tiffany Doll won a contest to become the new Colmax Girl in 2010, her first year in the adult industry

- Tiffany and Bruno SX, the male performer in this clip, are married in real life as well and have a child together

Skin's Take

- Director Nicolas Roeg has dealt with claims of unsimulated sex in his films before, having directed the legendary sex scene between Julie Christie and Donald Sutherland in “Don’t Look Now” just three years earlier

- Rip Torn plays an alcoholic former college professor who lost his job due to his proclivity for sleeping with his students, which comes in several cleverly edited flashbacks including this scene

- Like “I Am Curious (Yellow),” it’s Torn’s flaccid penis that keeps the scene from verging into that dangerous territory known as obscenity, and allowing the film to get released uncut in the US

Skin's Take

- ”The Pornographer” is a film within a film about a hardcore director attempting to insert hardcore sex into an otherwise mainstream film, which is precisely what happens in this film with this scene coming just 22 minutes in

- Ovidie and Titof are the only “adult performers” in a cast that includes such noted French actors as Jean-Pierre Léaud, Jérémie Renier, and Dominique Blanc

- The film is part of the New French Extremity movement that began in the late 90s and is defined by French films that revel in transgression of nearly every kind (sexual, violent, social, religious) to the point that their extremity is really the only point to the film

Skin's Take

- Polish provocateur Walerian Borowczyk directed this adaptation of a novella titled “Lokis” and despite the similar subject matter, it is not an adaptation of the classic fairy tale “Beauty and the Beast”

- Finnish actress Sirpa Lane was once referred to by “Barbarella” director Roger Vadim as “The next Brigitte Bardot”

- Despite the titular beast having an obvious prosthetic penis, this scene contains the first instance of a foot job to completion in a mainstream film

Skin's Take

- The full title of this flick is “Grimewave: Cockface III The Domination” and it is the third film in a trilogy following “Goregasm” and “Goreface Killer”

- Grub Muffin plays a character named Porto-Potty Fairy and she gives a great unsimulated masturbation scene in a porto-potty

- Other hilarious character names in the film include Russ T. Knuts, Cyrus C. Litlicker, Big Wang, and Pi Ong Yu

Skin's Take

- Much like Tarantino’s “Kill Bill,” "I Am Curious (Yellow)” is only one half of a complete film and was split into two for release with the second half being “I Am Curious (Blue)” with the two colors representing the two colors of Sweden’s flag

- This scene got the film banned in America in 1967 for indecency, but eventually a circuit court ruled that the scene was not pornographic because the penis Lena Nyman holds and kisses is flaccid

- After finally being released in North America, the film became the 12th highest grossing film of 1969 and remained the highest grossing foreign language film until “La Cage Aux Folles” was released ten years later

Skin's Take

- Victoria plays a former porn star in this flick and this scene is a flashback to a scene she shot in her porn days

- The title “Neon Heart” refers to a wall ornament hanging in a brothel frequented by the film’s characters

- The film made its world premiere in the New Directors competition at the 2018 San Sebastian Film Festival