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Pierced Privates

Nothing like a little piercings to adorn a chick’s good parts. If you’re like Mr. Skin and have a fetish for pierced nips and clits, you’re definitely going to love this playlist full of chicks will to pierce their most private of places. Skinjoy! Though the scene is not sexy, Rooney Mara’s mams and seat meat cheer things up a bit in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Amanda Plummer opens up her shirt to reveal her little cuties in Butterfly Kiss. How’s it hanging, Claudia Cepeda? Love your totally nude body in Story of O, the Series. It’s just a peek, but it’s Christina Aguilera’s nice nips in Diary. Guinevere Turner teases her titties and bush in Preaching to the Perverted. Helen Buday heats up the boob tube by trying to pierce her nips in Alexandra’s Project. Just take ‘em off already! Mnislahi Suicide shows it all in SuicideGirls: Italian Villa. The amazing Alexa Rae puts on a fully nude show in Heaven & Hell. A sensual moment gives us rack and slit from Jeannie Millar in The Key to Sex. April Flowers unleashes her three Bs during a soft core moment in The Model Solution. It’s two for the price of one when Jade Duboir and Victoria Vega get leztastically bare in Erotic Ghost. A sexy photoshoot convinces Terrina Reese to go topless in Cup of My Blood. Kelsey Lehman bares brief boobage while getting banged in Return to Nuke ‘Em High Volume 1. Some chicks freak out when Addie Yungmee flips over to reveal her pierced pair in The Gymnast. You want to see some perfect suck sacks? Stephanie Banting shows them in Scarce. Tuesday Croos racks out in the bathroom in Tight. Finally, Natalie Martinez racks out while making out in Matador. We’re sure those piercings hurt, so we’d like to kiss ‘em and make ‘em better!


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