We know PETA is against animal cruelty, but c'mon, guys- "choking the chicken" is just a figure of speech! The controversial animal-rights organization has long been known for its "too hot for TV" marketing strategy, featuring celebrities from Kathy Najimy to Pamela Anderson posing (nearly) nude for the sake of our four-legged friends. Now PETA is collecting all of its sexy ads (and then some) on its www.PETA.xxx site, but even if you're in the market for some vegetarian 'vadge, DON'T click on it. Here's why, according to the International Herald-Tribune:

Internet surfers who visit the x-rated site will initially be presented with animal rights groups too salacious for TV ads and campaigns. However, the sexy side of PETA, illustrated in its galleries and videos, will give way to the horrific mistreatment of animals on factory farms, with pictures and video shot undercover by the group’s hidden camera investigations.

It will have enough adult content to qualify for the XXX domain site but also some other graphic images of animals that viewers may not expect to see.

In other words, the most graphic thing you're going to see on PETA.xxx is a cow being slaughtered. If you ask Skin Central, that's trouser snake abuse!