Paz, Paz, Paz. Don't you know it's unsanitary to treat patients naked? Not that Skin Central is complaining, of course- we'd let this naughty nurse shake our thermometer any time she likes.

Boardwalk Empire star and borderline nudist Paz de la Huerta has been cast as the tit-ular character in the upcoming "psychosexual thriller" Nurse 3D, where she plays "a beautiful, dedicated nurse with a sinister side, and a secret life’s work in which she targets and punishes dishonest men."

And Paz being Paz, the first thing she did after being cast was pose for this poster that's not a "teaser," exactly, since she's already delivering the bloody-good nude goods!

Judging from this skimage, if Paz wants to start punishing men, she better put some clothes on- because seeing Paz's T&A in 3D sounds more like a reward to Skin Central.

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