Uncensored Pics of Pam Anderson Nudely Saluting Hugh Hefner Emerge

Back in April we heard tales of Playboy mogul Hugh Hefner's 82nd birthday bash, where Pam Anderson showed up to surprise the man who brought her breasts to the American public. And she did it completely nude!

Until now we had only seen censored pics of the event, with the best bits blurred out. But thanks to The Girls Next Door, which covered the celebration, including Pam's uncovered mams and fluffless muff, we're finally getting a look at Pamela Anderson nude. Those well-exposed extremities may not be anything new, but this is the best look we've gotten of Pamela Anderson's breasts and bush since the '90s, so it's much appreciated. By Mr Skin and, as evidenced by the way his eyes are glued to those funbags, by Hef as well!

There are even more uncensored pics of Pamela Anderson nude on The Girls Next Door at Nudography.