Cleavage And Side Boob? Doesn't Get Any Hotter Than That

Being a dude, trying to find the “perfect” swimsuit is kind of an easy task. You go to a store, any store—it doesn’t matter, you find the color and/or pattern you want off the rack, buy it and you are done. As for the ladies, I have no idea how one finds the perfect bikini, but however Olivia Munn did it, she found the perfect bikini. 

I guess I should say Olivia Munn found the perfect bikini top, but I do have a strong feeling that the rest of the bikini is under her cut-off shorts, we just can’t see them. It’s amazing that Olivia Munn was able to find a bikini that not only shows off her spectacular cleavage, but also manages to display a fair amount of side boob. You kind of wonder how many other bikinis she went through before she found this one. Bikinis have all different kinds of cuts, styles, patterns, tops, and bottoms that the ladies have to sort through to find what they are looking. I don’t know how Olivia Munn did it, but I really hope that when she tried this white bikini on, the clouds parted, the light shined down, and a choir of angels began to sing. All of that happened for me when I saw this Instagram post.  

There has to be a trick to it, some kind of formula worked out between Olivia Munn and the top scientific minds in the world. I’m sure it took a lot of work, but damn it Olivia Munn’s cleavage and side boob bikini is perfect.