Can't Joke About This Hot Body

An observational comedian takes a look at certain parts of everyday life and then turns them on their head for comedy. Iliza Shlesinger has an incredible body. Sorry, I don’t have a joke for that one, just pointing out something in our everyday lives.

If you ask me having a great sense of humor is an important quality in a human being and is something we probably all look for in friends and significant others. But I have a feeling I might need to add a caveat to that, a person must also find Iliza Shlesinger funny and incredibly hot. While humor is in the eye of the beholder, when it comes to Iliza Shlesinger's there is no debate. She is hot, period, end of discussion. One would think that her considerable hotness may have gotten in her way of being funny because it can be hard to hear anything when someone is this beautiful, but she has found a way to make it work. And we are all lucky enough to live in a world where Iliza Shlesinger can make us laugh with her jokes and make us speechless with her nude Instagram mirror selfie.  

We can all appreciate a good joke about something strange, odd, or crazy in our day-to-day lives, but I think we appreciate a beautiful naked body even more. Iliza Shlesinger gives us both and that is pretty awesome.