The Skin Reports Are In

It’s day five of Nevada’s famed CineVegas Film Festival and our skin scouts are reporting some great nudity. Here are some of the highlights (and headlights).

45 minutes into the comedy Asylum Seekers, spicily naked Pepper Binkley shows a little T&A getting out of the shower, but there may be pasties over her nips. Ass-and-silo seekers should keep an eye out.

In the first three minutes of the action comedy Black Dynamite, we get to see the explosive knockers of Ashlie R. Jackson, Sheryn Lascano and Brittney Sorensen. TNT? No, T&A!

Lynn A. Freeman frees her mams at the 12-minute mark of the thriller Godspeed. What about her Vaya Con Di-ASS?

In the aptly titled gay comedy Humpday, Alycia Delmore will make you swell more when she bares her butt humping her husband 24 minutes in.

The documentary It Came from Kuchar features tons of near nudity and one right breast from an unknown actress at the 41-minute mark. It’s cinema veri-tit.

Whitney Able shows off her gables stripping for Scott Caan before blowing his brains out (and not with a gun) 44 minutes into the drama Mercy, which Caan, not surprisingly, also scripted.

The crime thriller Modus Operandi features a bevy of uncredited bikini babes, lesbian makeouts, snatch-shaving sessions, toplessness, and full frontal nudity. Suffice it to say that Modus Operandi will give you a penis erectis.

In the drama Redland, Lucy Adden shows us both boobs and her bush repeatedly and we get to some full frontal nudity and one headless and topless woman in the horror flick Revenant.

Sea of Darkness contains three unnamed topless babes and Sherry Mecom shows off her newly implanted inflatable funbags in the plastic surgery documentary Youth Knows No Pain.

As long as our skin scout is attending this festival, there will be more than one kind of one-armed bandit in Las Vegas!