Sofia Vergara's Legs Are A Better Perk Than A Cup O' Joe

Each morning we all have our routine that helps us face the day. From a nice long run before the sun comes up to a fresh, hot cup of coffee, whatever helps put a pep in our step is a good thing. As for me, nothing gets me going in the morning like Sofia Vergara in a pair of black panties.  

Yep, there is nothing like springing out of bed to find that Sofia Vergara has posted a super sexy Instagram post of herself on top what appears to glass-bottomed boat (or something similar). Sure, the thought of Sofia Vergara sleeping on a glass-bottomed boat is slightly confusing, those worries are instantly washed away thanks to her impressively beautiful and very long legs. For those out there are into legs there is no doubt this pic of Sofia Vergara is one you are going to want to keep in the memory banks.  

And since this is a post of Sofia Vergara telling the world “Good Morning,” there is something about knowing that Sofia Vergara sleeps in a leopard print top and black panties that just makes you feel like you can tackle any challenge. I’m not much of a runner and coffee gives me the jitters, but that’s okay. The best part of waking up is Sofia Vergara wearing black panties on Instagram.