Doesn't Matter What Kind Of Swimwear, Alexandra Daddario Stuns

Amazing, awesome, stunning, sexy, hot, gorgeous, unbelievable, lovely, good-looking, striking, magnificent, exquisite—noneof these really work to truly describe Alexandra Daddario in a bathing suit. One-piece, two-piece, it really doesn’t matter; if it’s a suit that's meant to get wet then Alexandra Daddario looks… looks… I don’t know.

It would seem that we are simply going to have to invent a new word for Alexandra Daddario’s bathing suit hotness. Though, one could make a pretty solid argument that seeing is really believing and when it comes to the overall hotness of Alexandra Daddario in general you don’t need words; you can only look in silence. I do understand that argument, but say your best friend in the world just woke up from a coma and while catching them up everything that has happened, what are you going to say when you bring up Alexandra Daddario? You know you are going to bring up Alexandra Daddario. I simply don’t know if one of those combination words will work in this case. Ama-exy? Gorg-iking? Exquisit-some?

Yeah, I just don’t know if any of those will work. You know, I think we might just have to go with Alexandra Daddario is Alexandra Daddario. Might be the only way to truly describe how Alexandra Daddario looks in a bathing suit, she’s just so Alexandra Daddario.