Carmen Electra Is A Must Have For Any Opening

When you are opening an establishment with the name “Cherry Boom Boom,” then it is probably a great idea to make sure you have a couple of celebrities show up whoreally help bring that name to life, and there are few better than Carmen Electra to bring the Boom Boom.

As much as I hate to sound like a caveman, Carmen Electra in a tight dress, showing off some incredible cleavage, really does kind of make me (and probably everyone else) say “Carmen Electra has great Boom Boom!” And the fact the dress is red, well, that’s the cherry on top of the hotness sundae (See what I did there? Cherry? Cherry Boom Boom? Get it? Get it?). Granted, I actually have no idea what the Cherry Boom Boom is or what it sells, but I do know it’s in Las Vegas. And while a quick web search would turn up the answer, I’d rather not find out. In my mind, I’ve decided that Cherry Boom Boom is the Hooters of ice cream shops and I want it to stay that way. Also, I might be picturing Carmen Electra eating a vanilla ice cream cone in this dress as well…

When you need to bring the Boom Boom, look no further than Carmen Electra. Even if you are opening a shop or store or club that doesn’t have Boom in the name, it would still be a good idea to get Carmen Electra and her incredible cleavage to show up to your opening.