A recently launched dating software is wreaking havoc in the North American nightlife industry and thousands of nightclub and singles' bar owners are complaining that this unfair competition is pushing them out of business. They claim that this new dating application, which can be downloaded for free on computers or mobile devices, is drawing a sizable part of their regular clientele away from their establishments.

SexMessenger is a revolutionary new dating application that specifically caters to the needs of sexually liberated people who are in search of casual sex and no-string-attached relationships. Because it guarantees total safety and privacy through its in-house messaging and video-chat systems, and offers 100% free registration to its members, this site seems to appeal to an amazingly high number of modern women who are attracted by casual sexual encounters but are ill at ease or afraid to look for them in bars and nightclubs.

The problem for nightlife establishments owners is that, since most of the sexually liberated ladies now stay at home and discreetly find their desired dates on this site, a lot of their male clients have also deserted them to find their hook-ups straight from their home. This trend is becoming so prevalent that it is threatening the very survival of thousands of bars and night-clubs which were previously crowded.

The bar, tavern and nightclub industry in the US numbers over 65,000 establishments and it's revenue was forecast to exceed 24 billion USD in 2015. It also provides employment to more than 360,000 persons across the country. However, the nightclubs and singles' bars, where people primarily go in the hope of finding a sexual partner, represent a sizable share of the industry. And, as a result of the spectacular growth of dating sites, mainly the ones dedicated to people looking for casual sex, this sector of the industry is presently experiencing a severe downtrend. A survey of bar owners conducted last week indicates that all of them suffer some loss of income and many are facing outright bankruptcy.

Up to recently, the bar scene, with its variety, was the place to find the type of person of the opposite sex that one wished to meet for a casual encounter. But now, because of new sites such as SexMessenger, the casual dating scene has shifted dramatically. They offer a free membership through which one may look at all the profiles corresponding to one's preferences and located within a reasonable distance. Once members decide that there is a sufficient number of desirable matches for them, they can upgrade their membership for a fairly low monthly fee and obtain unlimited access to an in-house messaging and video-chat system that guarantees complete security and anonymity until both parties decide to proceed further.

“Well yes, I have to admit that, since I discovered I could screen most of the available ladies in my surroundings from my home, I've been going a lot less to bars and nightclubs. Sure, most times, when you meet a new date, you start by having a drink in a bar, but, obviously, you hang-out there a lot less and that means a lot less sold drinks for them. But, what can I say? The choice is not hard to make. Costly outings on one side with low chances of success and low monthly fee on the other side for a much larger choice and higher probability of success.“- Name withheld upon request

A more in-depth analysis revealed that, although nearly all the US nightlife establishments have seen their business diminish, it is the singles' bar segment, which represents about 21% of them that is getting hit the hardest, to the point that nearly a thousand of them have already closed-down and many more thousands are threatened to go the same way.

Bars and nightclubs that cater mostly to couples or provide live entertainment still seem to emerge relatively unscathed from the turmoil, but it is becoming obvious that with this new mean of finding dates from home, less and less men and women are now going out in order to look for a match.

“What can I do? This place used to be crowded nearly every night of the week and now it seems like every night has become worse than a quiet Monday. I've even lowered the price of drinks and prolonged the happy hour but nothing seems to stop the downward trend.

How can one face such unfair competition? They have ten times more hot chicks than I could sit in the whole place and their monthly premium memberships sell for less than the cost of a few drinks. Can't really blame the guys and gals for going for it, it's just that I seriously don't know how to keep my business alive anymore.” - A bar owner that name is withheld upon request.

One of SexMessengerfounders said in an interview that he was sorry for the financial difficulties his site causes to bar owners but that the tremendous growth of their site proves that the service they provide was badly needed by the modern sexually-liberated population. He added that the idea actually came to him because he was fed-up of spending so much time and money looking for women in bars that yielded so few successes.

Since SexMessengerand similar sites' membership keeps growing by leaps and bounds, it is still unclear if this trend of finding sexual partners from the privacy of one's home will keep the whole industry on a downward trend or if the casual couples thus formed will also go out and frequent nightlife establishments sufficiently to keep most of them in business.

Whatever our sympathy for the bar owners who are in dire straights because of this new dating trend, we have to admit that SexMessengeris definitely a much better option for the people of both sexes who want to safely and discreetly find casual encounters with desirable partners.

SexMessengera revolutionary new dating tool that’s sweeping the nation, is a completely free Desktop app that rivals the old school ‘Instant Messaging’ platforms—but with a twist. A twist that surely appeals to every guy out there who has ever struggled in the women department.