Supermodel Earns "Super" Title with a Runway Nipple Show

Hot-tempered supermodel Naomi Campbell isn't known for covering up her banging body, as evidenced by the bikini pic from a 2008 fashion show at left. She has a knack for making even the skimpiest pieces of fabric coveted the world over, especially when those skimpy pieces of fabric fail to conceal Naomi Campbell's nipples.

If you knew that Paris Fashion Week was currently underway, you probably wouldn't be reading this particular website. But all you need to know about the designer showcase is that Naomi strutted the catwalk in a skirt with fabric yardage comparable to a cloth napkin and a fitted bustier. But best of all, the top was completely see-through, clearly displaying her Hershey's Kisses beneath its clinging fabric. Now that's fashion with mams appeal!

See all the pics of Naomi Campbell's nipples at Paris Fashion Week at Egotastic!

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