In 2005, Mr. Skin’s skinpire rocked the world of the printed word by publishing Mr. Skin’s Skincyclopedia: The A to Z Guide to Finding Your Favorite Actresses Naked.

Two years after that massive success came Mr. Skin’s Skincyclopedia: The 501 Greatest Movies for Sex and Nudity on DVD, which hit bookstores on this date in 2007.

Mr. Skin’s second reference opus contains (one) more than 500 reviews of the hottest flicks you can buy or rent to see celebrity skin, along with director bios, skin-tillating sidebars, Top 5 lists, and a compendium of movies not (yet) available on DVD that any Hollywood horndog would love to get his paws on.

Mr. Skin's Skintastic Video Guide also includes rare posters and production stills, celebrity quotes, and even one completely fake movie (just try to find it!).

As Mr. Skin ponders his next skincredible foray into publishing, take a peek at his previous triumphs at