It’s Never Been Easier to Throw in Your Two Skints

Attention loyal skin-fans and future commenters: We have just upgraded our site to offer a whole new range of ways to let us know what you think.

You can start threads, receive email notifications, and get your razor-sharp wordplay posted to the site faster than ever.

What's Been Updated

Faster and Easier Comment Posting

Submitting comments is now quicker than ever. No longer do you have to wait for the entire page to load to get feedback on your submission, and you'll even see the comments materialize right on your screen. If there's a problem you'll know right away and if everything is in order, your comment will be posted immediately.

Replies and Threads

You'll notices in the lower right corner of each comment a reply button. Clicking that will bring up a copy of the comment form and allow you to reply directly to a previous comment. The replies will appear directly below the parent comments, making it much easier to follow a conversation.

Email Notifications

Tired of not knowing if someone replied to your comment? Sick of missing out on a good conversation because a flurry of comments came in and you didn't know about it? Worry no longer friends, as we now have email notifications. Simply check the box at the bottom of the comment form and we'll send you periodic updates when comments are being made on that particular post. Cancel at any time by clicking the "Stop Notifications" button.

Style Makeover

In addition to the new look for the threads, we've made a few other cosmetic changes to the comments. You'll start seeing posts made by employees here at Skin Central with a slightly different look so you'll know it's us talking.

We welcome all feedback and suggestions. If you're having trouble, please don't hesitate to let us know about it and we'll do what we can to fix the problem as soon as possible.