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A man living on the edge of 39 whose dedication to seeing Anal Acrobats star Sasha Grey nude is equaled only by his wife’s tolerance of that dedicationthe big dog of the blog comments section, Dave.

Dave admirably summed up Mr Skin’s own feelings about celebrity nudity when he wrote in response to a post about Ricki Lake:

I would say I have this appreciation for all female nudity because I'm turning forty in six weeks, but I've felt this way for fifteen years or more. I've been exposed to (pun intended) a lot of nudity in my life, of an enormous variety of ages, shapes, sizes, ethnicities, and sagginesses, and I guess I'm just one of those hippie types that likes it all... Yeah, I'd rather see Helen Mirren in Savage Messiah than Helen Mirren in Calendar Girls, but I love watching both.

If that’s being a hippie, then call Mr Skin Wavy Gravy!

Meshary5 laid down the gauntlet with this bold post in response to 100-91 of Mr Skin’s top 100 nude scenes: “Can't wait for the rest. MrSkin rules. Thanks. Monica bellucci must be on the list. I'm the only fan of your site here. Nice job.”

And Muggsy captured the zeitgeist with this suggestion: “I wish this was a real TV show. I want my SkinTV! Maybe you should pitch a special to VH1. They love their top 100s, and they seem to be scraping for material--they're doing crap like Another I Love the 2000s part 8 or whatever.”

Last but not least, Devender Kumar graced us with the very first foreign language post on when he opined: “miss ward salexan nude hona cahiye.”

Devender, this is for you: “Danyavaad. Tera comment se ham logon ko bahut kushi aaya. Lakin kon ho tum? Kahaan se aaya? Angrezi samaj sakta ho? Bhaaratiya logon ko pasand hain, hai na? Dobara comment karo!

So enjoy your 3 free days of Skin, Dave, and everyone keep the comments coming and don’t forget to follow Mr Skin on Twitter.