Only one new option for theater nudity this week: Elizabeth Olsen in the cult action flick remake Oldboy (2013). Fortunately the crime drama has the same nudity as the notorious Korean original with Elizabeth busting out her Olsen twins to get busy with Josh Brolin.


Josh Brolin stars as a man hell-bent on revenge in Spike Lee's Oldboy (2013). This English-language remake has less squid eating than the Korean original, but just as much mayhem as Joe Doucett (Brolin) tries to track down the person (or people) who kidnapped him and locked him in solitary confinement for twenty years. Joe is looking for answers, but revenge will suffice, and Oldboy is packed with scenes of hammer-wielding ultraviolence as Joe attempts to maim and torture his way to the truth. Helping him in his quest is young, gorgeous Marie (Elizabeth Olsen), a stranger who takes pity on the disoriented and desperate Joe. So much pity, in fact, that she shows him her Olsen twins during a scene of log-cabin lovin'. Oldboy won't leave you cold, boy.

See the trailer for Oldboy here