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While the multiplexes are dominated by Impossible Missions and Teen Titans, you can take refuge at the art house with a trio of films in limited release this weekend all featuring some great nudity!

Good Manners

This Brazilian horror/fantasy film features some hot lesbian action in two scenes—the first at the 31-minute mark and the second six minutes later—with Isabél Zuaa (below left) and Marjorie Estiano (below right) making out hardcore! At the one hour and seven minute mark, we also get a nice look at Isabel'srack as she breastfeeds a wolf cub! Weird stuff!

The Captain

Following her nude debut earlier this year inBad Banks, Eugenie Anselin (below) has a knockout nude scene in this European war drama. An hour and forty three minutes in, Eugenie is banging a soldier when the titular Captain barges into their room. Eugenie attempts to cover herself, but not before showing off her boobs and bush, and later in the scene, she lowers the covers to show off her breasts for the Captain!