Terminator Salvation Star Moon Bloodgood Admits Those Were Indeed Her Planets in What Just Happened?

Terminator Salvation opened yesterday, and we've already talked a lot about the scene featuring Moon Bloodgood nude that was cut for the movie's theatrical run. Anyone who rushed to the theater last night to see the latest incarnation of John Connor was greeted with nary a sliver of skin from Moon, but today we've learned that we don't need to wait for the movie's DVD release to see Moon Bloodgood topless.

It had been suspected that Moon employed a body double to show off her doubles in the 2008 Robert De Niro comedic drama What Just Happened? But in an interview with io9.com (via Nudography), amidst talk of that deleted Terminator scene, Moon let the truth be known:

I mean I've shown my boobs to Robert De Niro, you now what I mean, it's a boob. Why are we making such a big deal?

What's the big deal? The big deal is that it's you we're seeing peel, Moon. Though next time, make sure your face gets into the same shot as your orbs. It will save us a lot of confusion.

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