The only thing better than paying to see Monica Bellucci naked is seeing Monica Bellucci naked for free. But since this Italian eyeful's meatballs are the most succulent in moviedom, we'll happily open our wallets to see her movies again and again (and again).

And apparently, this is fine with Ms. Bellucci. In fact, it's more than fine--she loves it! She recently revealed that men who pay money to look at her nude body is one thing that really turns her on.

According to Nudography:

“I love the idea that when a man pays to see one of my films, he’s paying me to feel pleasure,” News of the World quoted Monica as saying.

“When I am acting, it’s like I’m in a trance,” she said. “You do things you would never do normally. You don’t feel cold even if you are naked,” she added.

And that marks the first time that the phrases "cold" and "Monica Bellucci nude" have ever appeared together in a sentence.