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Mission: Skin-Possible - Lea Seydoux & Paula Patton Nude

Tom Cruise may get all the ladies into the theater, but every guy knows that the Mission Impossible films are full of phenomenal eye candy for the guys as well, and the new Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol is no exception. The film features two fantastic foxes in the form of Lea Seydoux and Paula Patton, and Mr. Skin is here with these two ladies' hottest nude scenes from throughout their careers. Lea's up first and she wastes no time at all getting to the good in 2010's Roses a Credit, flashing her fantastic fanny before going full frontal as she climbs into bed and her guy climbs on top of her. Then from 2009's The Beautiful Person, we get another look at Lea's beautiful boppers as she lets a guy feel her up outside. Another look at her lobbers from Roses a Credit follows, and then it's a group shower scene from 2006's Mes Copines. In addition to Lea's love muffins, we also get a topless look at Stephanie Sokolinksi and Anne-Sophie Franck! Mes oui mon amis! We love these ladies' french pastries. From there we move to three scenes featuring Paula, the first of which comes from 2006's Deja Vu where Denzel gets a taste of Paula's tush and left ta-ta as she showers on a surveillance video. Then we have Paula looking positively perfect in 2011's Jumping the Broom as she wears a white bra that shows fantastic cleavage in the first clip, and then an even skimpier, lacier black bra in the second clip. Paula will have you pounding your pud!

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