The World’s Most Naked Woman?

Beating out fantasy-fulflilling firecrotch Robyn Foxx, last year’s Miss Nude World Performer of the Year, 21-year-old Pennsylvania feature dancer Keira Riley has been crowned Miss Nude World 2009.

Keira describes the experience in her myspace blog:

I competed last year and won many titles like, Miss Nude World 2008 1st runner up, hardest body, outstanding showgirl, best dancer, and duo champion with Aspen Reign AKA Risque Business.

This year was even better. I, A: brought my sister to help and keep my mind off of being away from [my ex-boyfriend] and moving on. thanks sis! B: Got to hang out with my BFF Aspen Reign which freakin rocks! C: Busted my ass and walked away with a lot.

This year we had numerous great performers like Robyn Foxx, Angelica Wild, Jennifer Jacobs, and tons more, including The Host and 2008 Miss Nude World guest performing.. no other than my lover Miss Aspen Reign! GO TEAM! After a long week the finals began and tons of club owners were online watching live, when I was crowned 2009 Miss Nude World!!!!! YAY!!

The Miss Nude World Pageant is known for its strict adherence to state beauty contest rules, which it demonstrated by disqualifyingVanessa Steele-Inman at the semi-finals stage in 1997.

And unlike the Miss America pageant, the Miss Nude World competition encourages nudity and lesbianism. Had she known this in 1984, Vanessa Williams’s life may have turned out very differently.

But there is no scandal to taint Keira’s victory and she plans now to tour strip clubs across the country with her BFF/lover Aspen Reign, with whom she performs under the name Risque Business.

So keep your eyes peeled for Keira’s tour dates and you may soon get a chance what kind of cosmic alignment occurs when two such illustrious award-winners get naked together on stage.

Hopefully, Miss Nude Worlds will collide!