Skinternational superhottie Milla Jovovich is a busy woman, so we were sextremely flattered when she took a moment yesterday to accept the award for Milla Jovovich: Greatest Nipples of All Time that we recently bestowed on her in Mr. Skin playlist form.

Ok, so really she slipped a nip at Mikhail Gorbachev's 80th birthday party in London (laugh all you want, but Gorby knows how to party- he invited Milla, didn't he?). But we know she was thinking of us. And really, the sight of Milla's nipple breaking free from its taffeta and silk prison is all the thanks we need here at Skin Central. Her big, meaty, mouthable nipple...we're building a new Berlin Wall in our pants. Milla Jovovich, tear down this wall!

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