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Mia Farrow: Every Nude Scene

Golden Globe winning actress Mia Farrow comes from a Hollywood family and shot to fame in the horror movie Rosemary’s Baby (1968). She hasn’t done a ton of nude scenes, but those she has done are so sexy she will scare you right out of your pants. Enjoy this playlist that features all of Mia Farrow’s nude scenes. Mia poses as a topless bride holding a bouquet and sporting some perky cupcakes in this scene from A Wedding (1978). We catch a quick view of Ms. Farrows tight little trunk as she stands naked and looking out a window in John and Mary (1969). Her cute rear is back for an encore performance as she walks out of the bedroom completely naked in another scene from John and Mary. In a nightmare scene from Rosemary’s Baby (1968) we get a brief view of Mia’s mams while on a boat, but it appears this is likely a body double. After a quick ass shot that may or may not be a body double, we see Mia’s petite funbags as she is laid out on a bed and mounted by the devil in Rosemary’s Baby. There is no body double here as Mia’s left nip slips free from her wet dress during a beach scene from Hurricane (1979). For years she was Woody Allen’s muse. With this collection of all of a Mia Farrow’s nude scenes she will inspire you into sprouting some serious wood.

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