As we once pointed out in our Top 10 Stars with Delicious Defects list, Megan Fox has clubbed thumbs, a cute skinperfection that leaves her digits looking wider and shorter than most. Personally, we at Skin Central think this quirk only serves to make Megan all the more special, but the suits behind her sexy Super Bowl ad weren't so sure and insisted Megan use a hand double for her close-up scenes.

Now, Megan's body double has been tracked down! Her name is Pamela Moses (left), and trust us, the rest of her body is just as delectable as her thumbs. Look out, Megan.

See more pics of Pamela here, but if you want the real deal Fox, check out Megan's new ad for Armani underwear. It's a teaser, but it's 100% Megan. Thumbs and all.

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