There's a reason that the inner workings of Scientology are still a mystery to many, and that reason involves an army of lawyers. But we're going to go ahead and tell you the following story, albeit with a disclaimer: We're just repeating what Vanity Fair said, so please get mad at them, not us! Thanks!

When Tom Cruise and his third wife Katie Holmes divorced earlier this year, rumors spread that Katie left because she was worried about the Church of Scientology's effect on her daughter. But that's just the tip of the iceberg, according to a new Vanity Fair article that claims Iranian actress Nazanin Boniadi (left) was set up to "audition" for the role of Cruise's girlfriend just before he got together with Holmes.

Nazanin (who you might remember from Iron Man [2008] or her role as Nora on How I Met Your Mother) was allegedly chosen as a potential bride for Cruise after an extensive search in 2004, given a physical and mental makeover (including an intense moth-long session "where she was audited every day, a process in which she told a high-ranking Scientology official her innermost secrets and every detail of her sex life") and flown to New York to "try out" for the part of Tom Cruise's girlfriend.

According to Vanity Fair's Maureen Orth, "in November 2004 Boniadi was flown to New York, where she met Cruise. That’s when she first sensed that this was possibly going to be an arranged marriage. For their first date Cruise and Boniadi went to dinner at Nobu with an entourage of Scientology aides, then to the skating rink at Rockefeller Center, which was closed to the public especially for them. The two spent that first night together but, according to several sources, they did not have sex...She was given a second confidentiality agreement specifically about Cruise to sign."

But after two months of dating, Nazanin was (allegedly) deemed not good enough for Scientology's golden boy and sent to the Celebrity Center in L.A., where she was (allegedly) told Tom wants someone with her own powerlike [ex-wife] Nicole [Kidman]. After an (alleged) tearful confession to a friend (allegedly) led to an assignment scrubbing toilets and digging ditches, Nazanin and her mother, also a (up to that point) loyal Scientologist, left the church for good.

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