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Mamie Van Doren: Classic Nude Scenes, 4 Decades Apart

Celebrate 40 years of nudity from the mamilicious and immortal screen body of Mamie Van Doren. In this playlist we sift through some clips that span generations of skinema and engrave themselves into the minds of adoring viewers. In the first clip from 1964’s 3 Nuts in Search of a Bolt, Mamie is taking a ‘beer bath,’ and as she talks to Tommy and soaks up in the suds for this very long scene, her duds pop above and below the surface of the water while her side ass always remains in view. In another long clip, Ms. Van Doren is doing a stage dance at a gentleman’s club in a sparkly and feathery outfit. The burlesque show has plenty of jiggles and jumps of her pastied bust and ridiculous rump. In a black and white scene, she’s hovering over a tongue-tied guy and then another dude rolls in and makes himself a drink. The trio continue their banter until eventually a fourth pair of nuts walks in through the door. Mamie ascends out from the swimming pool in her bikini while a drunk stumbles onto the poolside and is offered a drink. Mamie joins everyone, starts to rub her chesticles on drunky’s head, and finishes the scene by standing in front of the camera and cheering the viewer with her raised glass. And in 2002, Mamie has her boobs out in Slackers and requests a sponge bath from a young Mr. Schwartzman.


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