C’mon now, you know that headline is accurate. Heck, Lizzy Jagger practically wrote that one herself when she agreed to strip down and straddle a fish for a photo campaign. It could have been worse, we could have gone with “Lizzy Jagger and Her Mother Get Naked to Press Their Red Snappers Together”. Because that is clearly what Lizzy and Jerry Hall are doing in this next pic:

The photoshoot took place last year for Fishlove [we can’t make this stuff up- SC], an organization that educates on the dangers of overfishing. There may be some irony involved in posing with a dead fish for a save the fish campaign, but who are we to argue against nearly naked advertising.

Also joining in on the fishy lovin' is Lili Loveless getting friendly with an octopus:

and actress Emilia Fox rubbing an inky cuttlefish on her cans.

You can see the rest of the collection here, but remember to avert your eyes from sight of Sir Ben Kingsley holding his squid!