What Doesn't Lily Collins Make Sexier?

Have you ever been walking along the beach somewhere, the waves crashing against your feet as you go, and all of sudden you find something that doesn’t belong there? A piece of furniture, let’s say a desk among the rocks on the shore. How did it get there? Was it from a boat or something? And why isn’t Lily Collins being sexy while sitting on the desk? Yes, the ocean is full of wonders.  

Though nothing that washes up on shore could ever be as wonderful and mysterious as Lily Collins. She is one hell of a beautiful woman. Even from a distance she looks amazing, as you can tell in this photo spread from Malibu Magazine. But one does have to wonder if someone brought the desk to the rocks and set it up for Lily Collins or did they just find it there? I guess we’ll never know, but we can all enjoy how freaking sexy Lily Collins is against this beach desk, with her leather skirt and leather top (or bra, I don’t really know nor do I care).  

So, the next time you find something in the surf, picture what it would look like next to Lily Collins. Hell, even if you find a really cool seashell, picture Lily Collins by it. That should make long walks on the beach that much more fun.