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Welp, get ready to have a new obsession from the great white north with this absolutely scalding hot Halifax, Nova Scotia siren, Kyla Nicolle. Kyla is actually more well known in the world of makeup artistry as she's been on that side of the lens now for just as long. Her passion is actually as a makeup artist and freelance model, specializing in alternative, fetish, and nude modeling! She's like a foxy goth girl who likes to dress up like monsters, which would definitely make for an interesting good time in our fantasy world, as she'd likely be able to dress up however you wanted for whatever fetish you have! She's actually worked as SFX/Makeup artist on some huge projects too like the TV series The Mist, Trailer Park Boys, Cavendish, and most notably the fantasy drama The Lighthouse (2019). She actually took on a role in The Lighthouse too as "Woman on the Rocks", but someone as seriously and at times scary sexy like Kyla is bound to get in front of the lens at times too! She actually got her onscreen start in a smaller role in the 2013 horror anthology sequel V/H/S/2 (2013), and also took on spooky and sexy roles on shows Forgive Me, Mr. D, and Diggstown. She comes our way though with a skin suit sporting sexy dead person on the Hulu horror flick Books of Blood (2020). Hopefully Kyla Nicolle gets some more screen time in the near future and we certainly hope she isn't dressed like a monster in the process as she's beautiful just the way she is, unless she wants to dress like a naughty demon for us, we'd be into that!