Katy Perry isn't afraid of wardrobe malfunctions.

One of the great things about Katy Perry, other than her 32DD breasts, of course, is that as her fame increases, the amount of fabric used to fashion her onstage get-ups decreases. Obviously everyone at Mr. Skin approves of this trend, but you might be surprised to know how cool Katy is with wearing less and less.

New boyfriend Russell Brand might deserve some of the thanks for Katy trying to sex up her image, as the pop singer claims that the Brit bad boy makes her "naughty".

Katy promises to let her guardand perhaps even her topdown when she hosts tonight's MTV Europe Music Awards for the second year. Perry revealed:

I will be especially naughty under Russell's influence. I've worn things recently that aren't appropriate for this - sorry mom, sorry dad.

MTV asked me back because I have this no fear attitude. I don't care if I do fall over or if a boob does fall out.

I've gone for less costume changes this year but less clothing too. It's all a bit naughtier, with lace, crystals and lots of boobie things. It's sexy. I'm highlighting what God gave me - what mama made.

We sincerely hope that every cameraman assigned to monitor Katy's cleavage during tonight's awards bash hears Perry's promise and keeps his eyes peeled for any pontoon popping. We also hope that those images make their way to the States post haste, of course.

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