“I Kissed a Girl” Singer Gets All Dolled Up

During Prince Charles’s marriage to Diana, the British tabloids reported the future monarch’s desire, expressed in a private phone call to his mistress Camilla Parker-Bowles, that he be reincarnated as a tampon so that he could more easily fit inside the Duchess’s cornwalls.

Now, Sapphic-minded songstress Katy Perry has gone a similar route for all of her admiring female fans, having herself cast in 12 inches of hard yet pliable plastic.

The new Katy Parry doll will be available for $49.95 from Integrity Toys, the same company, incidentally, that supplied the dolls used in Katy’s "U R So Gay" video.

Dressed in a removable ensemble of belted gold mini-dress with an accordion-pleated skirt, black stockings and pink heels designed by Jason Wu, the doll will feature 12 points of articulation, allowing fans to pose Katy in any position imaginable.

The manufacturer says the doll will be available for furtive experimentation with Barbie and the Bratz in late Fall.