Huge boobed glamour model Katie Price, also known as Jordan, knows a thing of two about looking sexy. It's obvious but checking out her pictures, her reality show Katie & Peter, and her lack of clothing that she may be the reigning sexpert when it comes to making people drool.

But we're going to have to respectfully disagree with Katie when it comes to her critique of retro peeler Dita Von Teese's Playboy cover.

According to Digital Spy, Price hissed,

"I'd love to do Playboy. Although I just saw Dita Von Teese's cover and it's crap. The woman is rank. It's not my cup of tea that she's so pale. I think the pictures look a bit Readers' Wives. It didn't look like Playboy to me."

Ladies, ladies, ladies. Why all the hate? Can't we settle this like gentlewomen? And by that, we mean a double cover of the both of you stark naked. And scissoring. While feeding each other ice cream cones and bananas. That'll show 'em! That'll show 'em everything.