Hopefully Kate Mara Will Show Off Her Sexy Body

We have all had disappointing days in our lives. From not getting that promotion at work or watching your favorite sports team lose the big game, disappointment is a part of life. One of the biggest disappointments I’ve had was when I found out Kate Mara used a body double on House of Cards.  

Now, I’m not going to say that that disappointment has turned me away from Kate Mara. I would say the opposite is true. You see, I’m still really hopefully that Kate Mara will one day not use a body double and we will, in fact, get to see Kate Mara nude. After all, she is still going to the gym, she’s still working out, you can clearly see her leaving after a workout here. If Kate Mara was planning on using a body double for the rest of her career, why would she bother having a gym membership at all? Health reasons? I don’t know so.  

Kate Mara is still really hot, even if she did use a body double in House of Cards. And maybe you aren’t holding out hope, but I am. Even if she doesn’t ever go nude again, she’s still pretty damn sexy no matter what.