Sometimes Bigger Is Better

Chrissy Teigen already had some incredible boobs—that is something we can all agree on—but her post baby boobs… damn. That’s really all I can think of to say is, damn Chrissy Teigen’s post baby boobs are hugely incredible.

Honestly, I’m having a little trouble processing the fact that Chrissy Teigen’s boobs are that big and she’s not wearing a bra. One would think that after giving birth that maybe going commando upstairs would be a little… painful? Maybe painful is the wrong word, but not very comfortable? I don’t know. Not having incredible boobs of my own (if I did, I would never leave the house!), I have no idea how that works. Though, being able to see Chrissy Teigen’s post baby boobs is quite a lovely sight. I can safely say I feel as if I have accomplished something today by getting a glimpse of them, even if it’s through a black, mostly see-through, stretched to the limit top. And, the pokies are pretty awesome, too.

So, damn Chrissy Teigen, you found a way to make your boobs even hotter. None of us thought that was even possible, but yet we all found ourselves here, staring at your incredible post baby boobs. Damn, Chrissy Teigen, damn.

Via Splash News