Everyone is newly obsessed with Julianne Moore at the moment because of her sexy role in Todd Haynes' May December which is now streaming on Netflix. At Skin Central, we have always been obsessed with Julianne Moore and that is due to her many great nude scenes - including her bush scene in 1993's Short Cuts. What people might not realize is that she has a great deal of lesbian scenes! Let's check out her hottest lady-loving scenes.

Julianne Moore's Hottest Lesbian Scenes

One of our favorite scenes is, of course, her sex scene with Amanda Seyfried in Chloe. Speaking of May December relationships, these two have a cougar and kitten thing going on when they begin an affair. It is a hot film based on a French movie called Nathalie about a woman who hires a prostitute to test her husband's fidelity but winds up being a cheating spouse when she starts making love to her hired girl.

The two of them make love to one another with Amanda going down on Julianne. Both of them show their breasts as they kiss in bed and please one another. Do you like Nathalie or Chloe better? I like Julianne's nudity the best!

Julianne Moore's Hottest Lesbian Scenes

A scene that some folks forget is her lesbo scene in David Cronenberg's Map to the Stars which is a film about a Hollywood family whose fame and power is waning. In general, this is a really hot movie that does not get nearly enough love.

While their dynasty may no longer be relevant, their nude scenes are! Jennifer Gibson joins Julianne Moore in bed as the two of them sandwich a very lucky man. They are having a hot and heavy scene where all three of them are enjoying themselves.

Julianne Moore's Hottest Lesbian ScenesJulianne Moore's Hottest Lesbian Scenes

The man in the middle gets up to take a call, but the girls don't want to stop. They keep the action going and he realizes that this can be fun for everyone, too. He sits back and starts stroking it - basically guiding all of us to do the same - while he watches Jennifer and Julianne continue to touch and kiss each other.

This is a spicy scene that will leave you with a really good taste in your mouth. Feel free to watch it here:

Finally, she played a married lesbian woman in The Kids Are All Right. We only saw her smooch her wife, played by Annette Benning, but she did get naked in the bathtub at one point. She also has an affair with her children's sperm donor which is the major conceit of the film: the kids reach out to their donor and this man upends everyone's lives. The Kids are all right, but so are Julianne's jugs.

Julianne Moore's Hottest Lesbian Scenes

All in all, Julianne is very good at playing a lesbian. And a straight woman. And everything in between. She is just so darn sexy as the ravishing redhead of our dreams. She's been going nude for three decades and I don't think it'll end any time soon!