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[EDITOR'S NOTE: Skinterview author Rabbi Mo Gaydau is a Jewish holy man who lends his Talmudic sexpertise to MrSkin.com on occasion, when a spiritual matter presents itself. And few spiritual matters are more divinely skinspirational than Othodox-Hebrew-raised adult-entertainment sensation Joanna Angel.]

Oy vey! Talking to Jewish porn queen Joanna Angel (Picture: ) made this old rabbi babble like the biblical tower. Being in the presence of this Angel made all the hard work I did over the years spent in shul drain out of me like kosher wine and just left me hard. I couldn't even remember what the Passover holiday celebrates (read of that Judaic flub further on in the interview).

Now, after spilling my seed, I've recovered my wits. Passover is the Festival of Unleavened Bread, commemorating the exodus and freedom of the Israelites from bondage in Egypt.

Well, Joanna has broken out of the chains of sexual slavery and now enjoys the lusty lays of the land in libertine fashion, having launched the site BurningAngel.com and her own personal webpage, JoannaAngel.com, as well as working exclusively with VCA Pictures.

Raised an Orthodox Jew, Joanna has obviously chosen a different path to praise the Almighty G-d. Mr. Skin followed her down that path as she prepared to visit her observant family for the Passover Seder and talked about famous Jewish porn stars she has known, Jewish actresses she'd like to know, and if there's a difference between cut and uncut meat . . . where it counts.

May I publicly "out" you as Jewish?

Of course! I am not ashamed! I am proud to be one of the Chosen Ones.

Are you religiously observant?

Well, I don't know. I mean, really no . . . I grew up religious, like didn't use electricity on Saturdays, went to temple almost every week, etc., so yeah. I don't do all that anymore, but I spend most of the Jewish holidays with my family, and they are observant, and I respect their rules when I'm there.

I wasn't with my family this past year on Yom Kippur and I still fasted, and I don't eat bread on all the eight days of Passover. It sounds like a bold statement, but I would venture to say I am the most observant Jewish porn star . . . but you know . . . compared to how I was raised I feel like the way I am now is pretty goy-ish.

Is there anything in the Talmud that encourages Semitic women to make a living with their knish?

Knish? Do you mean like a potato knish? I mean, if the knish is circumcised, then yes.

There's the old stereotype that Jewish men love blonde shiksas, the bigger the better, and in leather always a plus. Does the same hold true for Jewish women; do you have Nazi sex fantasies?

Hmm . . . not Nazi sex fantasies per se, but I've always been attracted to, like, tall guys with, like, nice bodies and lots of tattoos. Like, the bad boys. You know what I mean? Like Tommy Lee. Or Travis Barker. Yummmm. You know that type--the ones who skipped school to smoke cigarettes and never went to college because they wanted to play in a band. Those boys are trouble, but they sure are cute, and they sure are like everything a Jew doesn't stand for.

Have you ever explored these non-kosher tastes in your films?

I have explored them in my films, and very extensively in my personal life; you know--in public bathrooms, cars, tour busses, parking lots, etc.

Do you prefer your meat cut or uncut?

A dick is a dick. I don't really feel the difference. One of the best sexual experiences I ever had was with an uncut guy . . . but I don't think that had anything to do with the extra skin on his dick; I think it had more to do with the fact that he was Manuel Ferrara--you know, the French porn star with a dick the size of a coke can who won, like, male performer of the year, like, eighty times or something. Yeah, that guy. I'm sure if you took the foreskin off his dick he'd be just as good.

Some say that the Jewish version of oral sex is nagging. Do you think Jewish women get a bad rap when it comes to being adventuresome with sex?

I have heard both ends of the spectrum: that Jewish girls get more excited by Coach bags than by sex, and that Jewish girls are freaky and crazy and perverted and whatnot.

Well, whatever. Hopefully my notoriety is making a change with the negative stereotype about girls in bed. I'm taking one for the team! I get pounded in the ass on camera in the name of Judaism!

There have been a lot of Jewish men in pornography, but do Jewish women populate the field as much?

There is a handful that I can think of. I mean there are probably just as many Jewish girls working in porn as there are working at Starbucks . . . I'm sure the ratio is the same. We're less than one percent of the world, you know! There aren't too many of us anywhere, really.

Speaking of Jewish perverts, have you ever worked with Ron Jeremy?

Well, Nocturnal Productions puts out this movie called The Great American Squirt Off, which is a porno but it's also a contest, and each scene is, like, a round, and the girl who squirts the most or the farthest wins the round. Ron Jeremy and I were both the judges of The Great American Squirt Off 2.

I'm not sure when it will come out, but he grabbed my boobs, like, I don't know . . . eight million times. He kept pulling his dick out, but I didn't touch it. Some of the other girls did--he was very clear about the fact that his judgment could totally be swayed by sexual favors. Um . . . yes . . . to be polite, I wasn't tempted. It's unfair that the only famous Jewish porn star is so unattractive. Like why couldn't Rocco Siffredi be Jewish instead?

How about Al Goldstein of Screw magazine, possibly the filthiest of the Chosen People?

I am hoping that at this point that I can claim that title. I mean, can I? Please? Help me here. But I think I'm too young to really know the extent of Al's exploits. I met him once. He was pretty wacky.

Who's your favorite Jewish actress in Hollywood?

Sarah Silverman! (Picture: ) Because, well, she's very cute and funny and has nice boobs, and people tell me I look like her all the time and I did hear her say in an interview once that people tell her the same thing about me. So I have never met her, but I feel like our lives are kind of connected somehow.

The old joke goes that if you want to get a Jewish woman to orgasm, show her your credit card. Sex and death are always being compared, but what about sex and money?

I like sex, and I like money. I have more sex in my life than I do money. A credit card couldn't give me an orgasm unless you, like, took it and rubbed it on my clit for a while.

What could gentiles learn about good sex from Hebrews?

I don't know! I mean they can learn how erotic it is to do it through a sheet. Have you ever heard that stereotype? I don't think it's true.

Does the traditional garb of the Orthodox, from the unruly beards and peyos to yarmulkes and prayer shawls, turn you on?

Dude, that's not funny. My family dresses like that. You weirdo. You're gross.

Have you ever made whoopee in a synagogue?

Only if whoopee means drinking Manischewitz and eating challah.

Did the melodic voice of a cantor ever make you touch yourself in temple or just climax from the sheer power of faith?

My sister is a cantor in a synagogue in Indiana. And if you say something dirty about my sister, I will kick your ass.

OK, let's change the subject. Are you into messy fun? Like what if I asked you to join me in a vat of schmaltz for a game of find the kosher salami?

I would tell you that I am a Sephardic Jew, not an Ashkenazi Jew, so I don't speak Yiddish.

Many men have a name for their putz--I call mine the Hebrew Hammer. Do you have a nickname for your knish?

That's not the name of your putz; that's the name of a movie starring Andy Dick. No, mine doesn't have a name.

During this Passover festival of lights, you're truly a delight. How are you spending the holidays?

Passover is not the festival of lights, jackass. Hanukkah is the festival of lights. You better go study up on your Judaism. I don't think you know who you're dealing with here. I may look like all hot and stuff on the outside, but I'm a Jewish nerd on the inside, with like ten years of day school under my belt and a whole family full of rabbis, dudes with curly sideburns, lawyers, doctors, and neurotic naggers.

But I am spending the holidays with my mom and dad and sister. We used to get together with my aunt and uncle and some cousins every year, but ever since I started doing the porn thing things got kinda weird. We're going to get drunk off four cups of wine and we read the entire Haggadah in Hebrew, and sometimes we even put on, like, costumes and act out the different parts. We don't fuck around.

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