Jessica Biel To Finally Reveal More Than Her Butt Crack in Powder Blue

It's been over a year since rumors started swirling that Jessica Biel would have her first honest-to-goodness nude scene playing a stripper in the upcoming drama Powder Blue. We even mentioned our extreme anticipation And while last year's faux-gay comedy hit I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry just the other day. attempted to satiate lovers of bare Biel with a nice slice of ass crack, Mr Skin is still waiting with (master)bated breath for naked Jessica jigglies. But hopefully the wait will be over when Powder Blue (finally!) hits theaters in 2009, as Jessica has confirmed that she will indeed have a nude scene in the film.

While discussing her upcoming film Nailed in an interview posted on, a reporter asked Biel:

Q: I assume you're still sticking to your policy of no nudity in the film? I heard you picked out your own body double for Nailed.

JB: "Yeah I did pick out my own body double. That was bizarre, that was very bizarre. It's very hard to be a woman and sort of be looking at women kind of like they're just objects. I was like, ‘I'm kind of having a male experience right now.' It was weird. It wasn't the best thing I've ever done. Anyway, I actually didn't stick to that policy in this other film I did called Powder Blue.

Q: Where you played a stripper?

JB: "Yeah, I mean you change and you grow up and one moment it's right and another moment it's not right. I just take it project by project. It's all about what makes sense for the character and what makes sense for me."

Mr Skin has been burned before by strippers who don't actually strip (Jessica Alba, Lindsay Lohan, et al.), so this confirmation is definitely good news. Let's just hope that director Timothy Linh Bui has the smarts to keep the scene as revealing as possible (none of this "nude but covering her boobs with her arm" crap) and off the cutting-room floor. Hell, let's hope that Bui has the smarts to loop Jessica Biel's nude scene for at least 80% of the film's running time. Now that would be a blockbuster (not to mention a ballbuster)!