Back in January, our hopes (among other things) rose when we received a skin report regarding one of the most lusted-after ladies at, the skincomparable Jessica Alba, in The Killer Inside Me. After years of her teasing in bikinis and panties, would we finally be able to get a peek at that juicy Jessi-can?

The cut that was seen at Sundance may be different than the one in theaters now. We've just added the clips and pics to the site today, and in one scene, we see Alba being whipped by Casey Affleck. We noticed with much skinterest that the camera pans in one uncut motion from face to bruised butt.

As always, we had the Skin Lab techs go over it with a fine-tooth comb. The face-to-fanny pan is extremely promising, but note that Jessica's hair is somewhat obscuring half her face.

Skin Labs' verdict: this is the real deal peeled Alba.

One technician even said, "After that last pan, it's either her, or the best body double in the history of body doubles."

As if not to be outdone, costar Caitlin Turner takes out her tush, and Kate Hudson--whose surprisingly bootylicious seat meat we've long touted at Mr. Skin--gets spanked, open-handed, and the jiggling cheek action will make butt-lovers go ape.

Don't miss our jawdropping clips of Jessica Alba nude from The Killer Inside Me here! And then leave us a comment do YOU think this Jessica Alba's naked ass, or the work of a body double? See Kate Hudson nude here!