playboy mccarthyNow that the '90s have officially come back (coming next year: Pulp Fiction nostalgia and a ska-revival-revival), Jenny McCarthy nude is here to make the 20-year cultural cycle complete.

Jenny is posing for "one last" Playboy pictorial before she turns the big 4-0, her sixth time appearing in the pages of the iconic men's mag. Playboy launched McCarthy's TV career after she was voted Playmate of the Year in 1993, and with talk of a new Vh1 reality show on the horizon, it appears she's hoping to re-create some of that old magic.

Jenny's nude pictorial appears in the July 2012 issue alongside an interview with her boyfriend (on TV) Charlie Sheen. And if you're worried about how her Juggy McCarthys will look nearly 20 years after she first exposed them, remember- silicone don't sag.

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