Even the Blackest Shirt Can't Hide Jennifer Lawrence's Hotness

Technology makes our lives so much better. From carrying a computer in our pockets to figuring out how to find diseases earlier, technology makes it a wonderful time to be alive. So, let’s take a moment and thank the person behind the might camera flash that makes it possible for us to see Jennifer Lawrence’s boobs.

Yes, it would seem that even the blackest of black shirts is no match for the mighty camera flash. I’m sure in normal light you can’t see a single thingandeverything is covered, but once exposed to the flash, everything is clear as day. Jennifer Lawrence looks stunning in her black top, but she looks out of this world insanely hot when the camera flash lets us know she’s not wearing a bra underneath. To the maker of this might camera flash, we salute you.

Though, there is a bit of sadness in this story as well. After an appearance on The Graham Norton Show,we learned that Jennifer Lawrence is no longer covered in blue body paint to play Mystique. Yes, they figured out a body suit, but apparently the body suit isn’t that great fordoing every day things, like going to the bathroom. Watch the video to find out the whole, rather hilarious, story.

Oh, Jennifer Lawrence, even a story about peeing standing up will not change our feelings for you. In fact, it might make them stronger.