Now that we've got your attention...Jennifer Garner stars in the new satirical comedy Butter as a repressed Midwestern housewife whose lone creative outlet is butter carving. But despite the sexy example set by Olivia Wilde as a lesbian stripper, this movie won't do anything to break skingy Jennifer's non-nude streak; her only sex scene, where she screws Hugh Jackman in the backseat of a car, is off-camera. However, we do hear the two of them getting it on, an experience that Jackman told the Huffington Post was made skinfinitely more awkward by the sound guy's request that they, uh, perform separately:

"We both had to kind of perform our version, in character, of sex while the other one is quiet. And it was impossible not to be laughing your head off while the other person is doing it. That was humiliating... Guys never sound good during sex. It's impossible to sound good."

Now, Jennifer on the other hand...we're usually visual kind of guys, but we bet she sounds amazing. How much you wanna bet the sound guy just wanted a tape without any annoying Jackman grunts for his own perv-sonal use ?

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