Touring can be hard on man, especially when he's left a super-stacked lady all alone at home. Luckily hip-hop mogul Jay-Z has a novel solution to curing his casaba cravings--he has wife Beyonce Knowles's knockers carved out of fruit to help him get through the lonely nights on the road!

According to FemaleFirst:

"Jay-Z demanded a watermelon carved in the shape of wife Beyonce Knowles' bust during his stay in Africa.

"The rapper wanted the bizarre sculpture to be displayed in his 2,500-a-night hotel room where he was staying ahead of his performance at the THISDAY Festival in Nigeria on Friday (11.07.08).

"A source told Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper: 'One giant watermelon was split in two and ornately carved into a mould of Beyonce's breasts. Two cherries were used as nipples.'"

Now that's fruitylicious!