With Great Hotness Comes Great Power

To be king, you have to be born into royalty. It’s not a position any of us can simply apply for. Of course, someone could be named king, but surely there is a long process and you have to votes and all that. But in the case of Jaime King, I think we can just go ahead and crown her.

Sure, I guess technically Jaime King would be a queen, but who wants to get technical? All I’m trying to get out is that Jaime King is a solid gold hottie, a royal hottie, if you will (and you totally will). Just check out all the different versions of herself she’s rocking for Galore magazine, you can’t tell me that doesn’t deserve some kind of honor. After all, royalty these days is a mostly honorary thing, and they have no real power. And yes, I know Jaime King’s hotness has a power to it. If she asked you to do something, you’d do it—I know I would—but, maybe we forget about procedure this one time and go ahead and give her the title of King of Sexy or Queen of Jaime King Sexy or something like that. We can work out the title later, for now let’s just honor her hotness.

Hey, you can look at it like this: Jaime King was born with this hotness, so in a way she kind of already is royalty. Come on, let's bend the knee for this hottie.