The More Camila Mendes, The Better

If you are like me then you aren’t all too fond of bandwagon jumpers. Whether it’s in sports or movies or something else, those who move from trend to trend are like nails on a chalkboard to me. The only time I don’t roll my eyes at those who are jumping on when it’s hot is when it comes to sharing the hotness of a celebrity. For instance if this is your first viewing of Camila Mendes it’s totally okay to become a super fan instantly.

There is nothing quite like seeing someone as beautiful as Camila Mendes wearing a red see-through to make a truly lasting first impression. Now, some of you out there might have already seen these pics—I am one of those people—so you’ve had a soft spot in your heart for Camila Mendes for some time now and are loving all the attention she is currently—and most certainly will be—getting. But when it comes to sharing the pure joy that Camila Mendes in a see-through shirt gives us, it would actually be kind of rude to not let people jump on the bandwagon. More people wanting more Camila Mendes will mean more Camila Mendes for more people.

So, whether you’ve known about Camila Mendes for a while or this is the first time your eyes have been lucky enough to see her boobs, when she is no doubt all over the place in the years to come you can totally say you were a fan of hers way back when.