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It’s been a half dozen years this week sinceCasey Anthony “shocked the world” when found not guilty of murdering her 2-year-old daughter Caylee back in June 2008. And she’s marked the anniversary of her acquittal by re-emerging for the first time to face a still-skeptical public.

She’d initially complained when confronted outside the Brass Ring Pub (inset) … but wasn’t it an affinity for booze that began her unhappy hours in solid silver handcuffs?

For those who’ve been on a “bender” for 9 years, the basic facts of the case are these: Caylee was last seen leaving the Florida family home with her mother on June 16, 2008 … yet it was not until a full month later that police were notified she was missing—and only then by Casey’s mom who told the 911 operator after her daughter’s abandoned auto had been towed and found that “it smells like there’s been a dead body in the damn car!”

As the Daily Mail reported: “The single mother had told her parents a complex series of lies why they could not see Caylee, including that the girl was with a nanny named Zanny {who turned out not to exist}, that she and her daughter were spending time in Jacksonville with a rich boyfriend and that the nanny had been hospitalized after an out-of-town accident.”

A massive search ensued—led by Casey’s parents—with grandad’s distraught face eerily reflected in the window of his SUV (below left) … while his daughter bizarrely smiled with a photo of the search area.

Equally odd was Casey signing the shirts distributed to police and volunteers with a flourish … and a heart.

There was even a huge sign offering a reward adorning the hitch parked outside the family home.

But there was another ‘hitch’ … when a meter reader stumbled upon the toddler’s remains on December 11, 2008—less than a half-mile from the Anthony abode.

Arrested the next day (below left), 22-year-old Casey calmly claimed (below right) that Zanny the Nanny had done the deed!

And just as Caylee's grandparents were caught on camera tearfully pleading for justice

… their daughter was posing for a series of police photos:

Suspicions had already been aroused when, instead of reporting her daughter missing for a month, Casey “went to the clubs, got a tattoo, and even went on a spending spree with a friend’s stolen checkbook,” as People put it.

And then there was the matter of Anthony’s diary entry on June 21—five days after Caylee vanished—that began: “I have no regrets, just a bit worried … This is the happiest I have been in a very long time … I am finally happy, let’s just hope that it doesn’t change” (below right).

No wonder the woman that opportunist Nancy Grace dubbed ‘Tot Mom’ became reviled … earning a place right between Charles Manson and ‘Son of Sam’—and directly above serial cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer (above left)—on the cover of a Notorious compendium.

And the frenzy boiled over three years later: “Her 2011 trial became an international sensation,” People summarized. “More than 1,000 protestors showed up at the Orange County Courthouse. Nielsen estimated that more than 40 million Americans watched at least part of the trial, and Anthony’s name trended on Twitter for 27 consecutive days—then a record for the social media platform.”

“The general public overwhelmingly believed that she would be convicted of first-degree murder, which carried the death penalty. The jurors, however, seemed unmoved by much of the evidence. On July 5, 2011, in front of a hushed courtroom …

… the jurors rendered their verdict of not guilty of all the most serious counts.”

And acquitted Anthony wasn’t the only one who was crying!

Her relieved smile contrasted with her demeanor upon entering the courtroom moments earlier to hear the decision (inset) …

… as well as that of a disgusted and disgruntled Grace.

Though some men outside the courtroom seemed to have a decidedly different reaction to her July 17th release.

Indeed, after Anthony got off … loads of guys ‘got off’ fawning over her frequent and foxy Facebook fotos.

With our friends at The Superficial pointing out the obvious:

“Casey Anthony was released from jail early Sunday morning,” Superficial scribe Mike Redmond wrote 6 summers ago, “and is it wrong that I immediately noticed her breasts? Maybe she really is innocent and could use some money to get back on her feet …*slaps self in the face* Where was I? Oh, right, tits child killers. With tits.”

And once again, the evidence appeared overwhelming!

So while that verdict was never in doubt—she wore a 34D bra (below left)—even a pole (below right) taken this week found 92% of respondents believed her to be guilty …

… and not just of having “a bitchin’ bikini bod,’ as one ’netizen gushed.

Let’s END here before things get out of hand.

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